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Re: Weight Loss Tools, that really work

Re: Weight Loss Tools, that really work

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Posted by Hang in there! on October 19, 2000 at 17:00:48:

In Reply to: Weight Loss Tools, that really work posted by Jan on October 17, 2000 at 18:01:57:

: As a child I was heavy, and when I became a teenager I worked hard to keep my weight down. I was at my ideal size as an adult until I got pregnant. During the pregnancy I gained an extreme amount of weight, even though I remained active and exercised my whole nine months. It has been almost two years since my son was born, and I have only lost a small portion of the weight. I have never really tried any diet pills, and there are certain ingredients in some that I will not put into my body. But I exercise everyday (except Sunday) and I eat well everyday, and drink a lot of water. I did order the 16 plant macerat product, the first diet plan I have ever tried, and nothing has happened, I increased my exercise routine, and I still have not lost any weight. I do Tae Bo everyday, which I would recommend to everyone, and I take my son for walks everyday or every other day atleast. My question is are there any healthy and safe supplements, that can aid in weight loss, for those who are serious about improving their health and appearance, and not looking for a miracle drug. Has anyone found something successful that has more benefits than risks. I won't take ephedrine, so any product with that is not an option. Any suggestions?

You can also do it without any supplements.. My doctor told me not to eat after a certain time and to stay active for 2 hours after my last meal.. NOT heavy activity, but like waliing or cleaning the floors or gardening.. playing with kids.. etc. I have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks and am very happy with it. I have done this diet before and was happy.. I had surgery which kind of made me slip again.. so I decided to do the not eating after 3 and it has worked.. Now for some people not eating after 3 is a hard thing.. so you can also do it for 5.. but just stay busy for 2 hours after.. don't weigh yourself everyday.. and by the time 2 weeks is up you will see a difference.. if you don't see a big difference then you may need to pick up the activity level some. Also during the day just do little sets of stomache crunches.. like 3 sets of 10 in the morning.. then again in the afternoon and again before bed.. breaking them up this way will cause it to be an easy processes and will not cause pain.. Hang in there girl you can do it.

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