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Re: do i have a problem with food?

Re: do i have a problem with food?

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Posted by Amy on October 21, 2000 at 03:29:52:

In Reply to: Re: do i have a problem with food? posted by Lara on October 17, 2000 at 14:41:45:

: Amy:
: When I read your entry is like Im reading something I wrote.
: (same age, height, weight, & college student, scary right?
: I am going through the same thing as you. This is something that is starting up on me. I have
: always been a strict dieter.
: However because summer is over (here in the east coast), and a change of schedule, I have
: lost all concentration and motivation and stoped dieting. I 've started to binge. I would eat a
: whole pint of icecream, plus cookies ,plus anything that I forbid myself when dieting. I went to
: B&N & picked up a book tittled "overcoming binge eating"
: Are you bored, depressed, tired, anxious when you binge?
: are you going through personnal problems? Are you a strict dieter?
: Im reading the book right now, and am starting to treat my problem. (Binge Eating Disorder)
: so........ let me know. I would definitly like to keep in touch with you.
: Im glad im not the only one in this boat. maybe we could exchange emails.

: Like you I dont throw up .
: anything that i forbid myself when Im on a diet.

Hi :) thank you to the people who have replied to me. It's now the 20th, and I posted my message on the 11th and
things haven't really changed. Lara: yes, I definitely agree with you about summer ending. I live in Minnesota, and
so when winter comes, it's like "who cares anymore!" - and everybody around me (co-workers, friends, family) encourages
me to eat, eat, eat. It's like keeping the candy dish full at work, going out to eat too much, all that crap...and then I fall
off a diet and don't care what I eat anymore. Yikes, I don't think I said that very well, but hopefully you get the idea...
I am VERY worried, but I am little bit nervous(?) to actually go to a school counselor and say that I might have a problem. I
am worried for a few reasons, because looking at me, i don't think people would take me seriously. Plus, I never find the time
for any of that. I lay in bed at night and say "okay, tomorrow I will call a counselor" - but it never really crosses my mind when
it comes down to it. I think reading a book might be VERY helpful, and I'd like to try that. I have three (!!!!) empty cartons of "fat-free"
ice cream in my freezer right now (I have a bad habit of leaving empty containers in the fridge) and my eating habits
are continuing to go down the tubes. I really am surprised and disappointed in myself because when I was younger, my parents
tought me very good eating habits, and I always ate breakfast. But it's awful now! :(

I just don't want to start gaining weight, I want to feel better about myself...

and yes, i'd love to correspond via e-mail, so here's a few addresses incase one goes kaput:
[email protected]
[email protected]

later :)

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