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Posted by Liz on October 30, 2000 at 11:04:57:

In Reply to: Re: IMPORTANT QUESTION! posted by J on October 27, 2000 at 14:01:28:

: : : I REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT! i have a liquid breakfast, i exercise at LEAST 30 minutes a day, a bagel for lunch, a snack in the afternoon, and a well-rounded dinner. I AM NOT LOSING ANY WEIGHT! before i found an effective way of losing weight which was not eating....very much. one question about not eating--- can you GAIN weight if you have been eating little and then resume your normal eating pattern? how does this affect your metabolism????? please answer as soon as possible.......i need it

: :
: : +++Yes, that is exactly what will happen. If you are starving then your body is going to go into starvation mode. Which means that your body uses less and less energy because it is storing what it has left and using it slower. If you then turn around and eat, with your body coming out of starvation mode it would almost be like your body would be storing the food for the next time there is a starvation period. Think about it.. It is pretty logical. Check the fat grams in the things that you are eating. Shock your body with different healthier foods. Go vegetarian for awhile or very low in fat.. I have lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks on WW and the only thing that I see different in what I am eating is that it is lesser portions and lower in fat grams.... Good luck.

: I do not know what your well rounded dinner is, but you may find it beneficial to eat your biggest meal in the morning. There are many eating programs that work for different people, but you need to find what best suits you. First of all, I would not recommend eating a bagel for lunch. You are taking in only proccessed sugars, second, I would recommend eating several times a day, even if it just an apple, or celery sticks. It is important to watch your saturated fat intake, but I would recommend limiting your sugars first. If you are drinking sodas, you are probably doing yourself in, it has outrageous amount of sugar, completely empty calories. Be sure that you are drinking enough water. When I dieted, after my last pregnancy, I would drnk lemon water, to help flush my system. Do not starve yourself, that is the worst thing you can do. The best thing to do is find healthy eating patterns that you can live with, and stick to them, so that you do not lose weight and gain it back, and then some. Make sure what you eat has nutritional value, do not defy your body of what it needs to regulate itself. I also use liquid breakfast, but I am not someone who likes to eat in the morning, Make sure if this is true for you, you are intaking one high in vitamins, minerals and nurishment, and not sugar. Good luck! The best bet, is to eat what is natural, you would be surprised how many things you eliminate from your diet is you cut out manufactures products, and chemically altered foods. If you knew what was in some of the foods people commonly eat, you probably wouldn't want to eat them anyway. Eat natural, fresh foods, I can guarantee that works, it does for me and my family. (and is recommended by many doctors)

I agree that lower portions and low fat grams is the way to go. I have lost 14 pounds doing this. Anyone can lose weight simply by cutting back on the AMOUNT of food eaten with each meal and watching those fat grams. I limited myself to no more than 1600 calories/day and my diet is low fat.

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