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Re: 16 Plant Macerat Weight-Loss Diet

Re: 16 Plant Macerat Weight-Loss Diet

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Posted by Barbara on November 06, 2000 at 20:26:37:

In Reply to: Re: 16 Plant Macerat Weight-Loss Diet posted by Marie on September 28, 2000 at 00:13:31:

: : : : : : I too just ordered this product and this is the address PLANT MACERAT
: : : : : : 1265 Morningside Avenue, Suite 109-209, DEept. PMCO63
: : : : : : Toronto Ont.
: : : : : : M1B 3V9
: : : : : : 1-877-797-1214
: : : : : : Guess I should have done the research before ordering.
: : : : i ordered this plant macerat about 5 weeks ago and recieved nothing yet. I cant believe it would only be water....those that it did not work for, did you recieve a refund?
: : : : :
: : : : : Thank God, my brother and I were going to order it but we have yet to here positive things about it other than what the beautiful woman in the ad has to say about it. For those that have ordered, what is the PLAN that they talk about. They say there is a complete weight loss plan included. ANy diet product will work if there is a separate weight loss plan included, I guess.

: : : : : Any new information would be appreciated.

: :
: : : O.K. So this diet has not worked for anyone yet??? I was going to order it today but I decided to check the internet first. Glad I did!! So, Does anyone know of any thing that works?? I need to lose about thirty pounds.

: : The first thing you need to know is never buy a product that doesn't list the ingredients. Also, their ad states mixing one drop for every two pounds that you want to use. Any dosing should be geared to your body weight now and not to how much you want to lose. Can you imagine adding 50 drops if you want to lose 100 pounds. There are those of us who are desperate enough to try anyone. Do not let these unscrupulous companies prey on you. There are plenty of websites out there that can help you. I cannot warn you enough to stay away from ANY herbal weight loss product unless you know all of the facts including adverse reactions and possible interactions. Good luck! Myself, I am trying the old fashioned way, eat less move more.

: Add my name to the list of those who ALMOST ordered the 16 plant macerat drops. But I am getting a little smarter and decided to check out the internet. Soooooo guess I'd better keep looking and in the meantime cut out those goodies. I was a little hesitant to order also because the firm is in Canada and figured I just might have trouble returning. Thanks for the info.

LOL .... I can't help but laugh at us all ... I already ordered the 16 Plant Macerat. In fact, I received it a few days ago.

Here's my assessment so far .. it has no taste, the dropper tops keep trying to pop off when I squeeze the bottles, so I have to hold the droppers tops on while squeezing out the drops.

One bottle squeezes drops out quickly, the other bottle doesn't sqeeze very well ... dang!

Although I can't taste anything different, I noticed that the product has a mild stimulating effect, and does make me urinate more often than prior to taking it.

I have not lost any weight - however, it has only been three days. At least, I have not GAINED any weight!

I am so bummed out over it ::::and yet, another waste of money:::: I think I'll go eat a bowl of strawberry swirl ice cream! Yeah! That's the ticket!

Tomorrow morning, I will go back to doing my Billy Blanks tapes (and still take the Macerat..) at least, I can really say I feel GREAT after Billy's workout :)

Good luck everyone!

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