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Re: Mike, Will you please help me???

Re: Mike, Will you please help me???

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Posted by MIKE on November 09, 2000 at 12:06:37:

In Reply to: Re: Mike, Will you please help me??? posted by Mary on November 08, 2000 at 21:11:55:

: : : Hi Mike, I was reading once of your responses to someone and you talked about Slimsense. Can you tell me what it is, and how it works best? and where i can purchase it? I used xenadrine for a while and lost 25 pounds with it, but i feel like i dont want to continue becuase you hear of so many sudden deaths assosiated with the ma huang. thanks in advance.

: Thank you so much for clearing some stuff up for me, I do have asthma though, i hoope i'm not jeapordizing my health. Also, i live in California, i will check with GNC and vitamin world. If you dont mind answering another question, is slimsense similar to ripped fuel or xenadrine? or maybe another product? Thanks again, Take Care. Mary

Hello, again. I don't know if you can get Slimsense in California. You might want to ask them if they carry Optiburn, which is their metabolic enhancer. If not look them up online and see if they have a phone number you can call to order.
Next, this product is 100% natural, which is the only reason why I take it or let my client's take it. I have one patient, who has mild asthma, and she does fine with the Optiburn. I don't know your case, but I highly suggest you see a doctor before you take ANY supplement, just to see if you are in normal health.
Finally, Xenadrine, diet fuel, Optiburn, Metabolife are all classified as metabolic enhancers or 'fat burners'. Each of these products contain ephedra, however, they each have different amounts, as well as different ingredients. Now, what makes each of these products different from each other is how each of these ingredients work synergistically or how well they work together. It also helps to know the background of the Co. and who created the products. You don't want to take a product that has not tested the safeness or effectiveness, or one that may cause permanent health damage. So, I base my opinion on these factors and that's why I like Optiburn. They don't claim to be a 'miracle' pill. They highly incourage exercise as well as healthy eating along with their products in order to achieve any long term weight loss success! That is THE ONLY WAY.

: :
: : Hello Mary. First of all, I want to say that I come to this and other forums to inform, basically to tell the TRUTH, regarding some of the weight loss products that work and don't work. This is just based on my opinion and expertise, which is comes from 20 years working in the health and fitness industry and 16 working as a personal trainer. So, let me first say that ma huang in any form or another, ie. ephedra, is perfectly safe IF you are in good health.

: : Ephedra or ma huang herb (ephedra contains about 2% by weight of the whole herb) has been used by the Chinese for over 5,000 years for resporatory diseases due to its bronchodilating effects. Nowadays, for example, asthma patients use it as well, for everything form the common cold to weight loss.

: : As for the reported "deaths" due to ephedra usage, the Food and Drug Administration reports that only a "handful of deaths" reported from the useage of ephedra products. What the media and the FDA do not tell you, is that most of these deaths are not from ehpedra alone, but MOST of these patients had pre-existing health conditions, and others were simply taking above the recommended doseage. There have been more people who have died or suffered permanent health damage from taking too much asprin!

: : Thermogenic products containing ephedra today, also contain guarna--herbal form of caffeine, and white willow bark--herbal form of asprin. This is a proven fat loss ergogenic aid and is perfectly safe when taken at the recommended amounts. Besides, ephedra is hardly even effective on its own then when it combined with other products such these. Once again, the media does not tell you this. What they also don't tell you about many of these "dangerous" herbs, is that the FDA cannot control or regulate the useage of natural herbs, ONLY pharmaceutical drugs. Can you see the connection....?

: : Anyway, ephedra is not the problem here. Society simply needs to learn moderation and portion control with EVERYTHING! I stand strongly behind ephedra. If I truly did not feel this product was safe, I would not let my clients, or myself and family members, take ANY product containing it. Anyway, I hope this answers your question regarding ephedra. If you need more info. you can get it at

: : Now to your next question, I'm not going to say anything negative regarding Xenadrine, only that I know people who have used it and felt, let's say 'weird'. The only product I use for myself and my clients is by Slimsense. If you live in Colorado you can get it at GNC. If not you can purchase it online. All I can say is it produces great results. I'm not trying to sell the stuff, just trying to help since you asked. Anyway, good luck to you with whatever you decide. Just remember moderation is key to long term success!

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