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Re: LISTEN TO Rhonda!!!! Don't buy phytopharma !!!!

Re: LISTEN TO Rhonda!!!! Don't buy phytopharma !!!!

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Posted by Tracey Blunden on November 29, 2000 at 16:30:48:

In Reply to: Re: LISTEN TO Rhonda!!!! Don't buy phytopharma !!!! posted by Robert on October 26, 2000 at 11:01:07:

: Hi people, I live in London and read an article today about this product which had me thinking...yes, the answer to my extra 20lbs! research led me to this site. after reading this i doubt i will be ordering this. i just have a question, is it distributed in Europe? and apart from the appalling customer service, does it actully work? i tried apple cider vinegar tablets and not nothing for the first two weeks, so i sent them back. i am still waiting on my refund. i don't want to get into the same situation again. i have spent far too much money on wonder products in the past as it is and they never seem to work, or are only temporary measures.
Please advise.

By the way ... Rhonda ... you go girl! nice to hear an honest opinion from someone on the inside!

: : : : : : I work for the company that takes the orders for this product. While it certainly wont hurt you, it is very unlikely to help you lose weight. I have never talked to anyone that this has worked for in my five months of working there. It is taking over two months to receive the product, because it is on back order. If you call their toll free number, they wont tell you this because they are not allowed to. Try it if you want, there is a money back guarantee w/in 30 days of receipt, but the refund takes over a month to receive. Good Luck.

: : : : : Rhonda, it was really nice of you to post that message on here to let people know what the deal is. It seems like a lot of people order this and either don't receive it or have a hard time getting a refund. Thanks for your honesty.

: : : : Rhonda, have you ever tried this pruduct personnally,and if it didn't work for you why then is your consience allowing you to work there. Dispite of what you say I have heard from alot of people that this has worked for them.

: : :

: : : I haven't used this personally, no. What I do for my job is I work at the call centre that phytopharma has hired to take orders for them. there is no way to contact phytopharma themselves.
: : : Sure, there are some people that this does work for. I am only speaking from experience as someone who takes all different types of phone calls related to this product, from orders, to complaints, to status checks of orders. For example, someone may call to inform us that there bottle of product leaked when they went to add the drops to water, and they lost all the product. What I have to tell these poor people, who spent all this money, is 'too bad'.
: : : I know for a fact that for a while in August, for example, the shipping department was completely out of stock from Europe but we took orders anyway. Sometimes someone would specifically ask if there was enough product. I have to tell them there is plenty of stock. For every eight hour shift, I take about 4 orders, twenty to thirty requests for status checks, I give out the address to return for a refund about ten times, and maybe ten complaints, and lots of calls from people who have questions.
: : : If you get a list of ingredients from us, you can see for yourself that most of the plant extracts are nothing more than diuretics. These do help in weight loss but only for some people.
: : : There is a good explanation of each of these ingredients at

: : : Visit this page, it is not owned or run by phytopharma. Just straight facts.
: : : We also take orders for apple cider vinegar tablets that you can buy for a lot less money at any drug or department store. This does work, if you want to take something for weight loss.

: : : I know people it has worked for.

: : : As for why I work in this hateful place, I was unemployed for six months before I came here. Jobs aren't easy to get in my area. At first my conscience never bothered me. I'm putting out resumes right now, believe me.

: : : Oh yeah, if you place an order and ask if phytopharma sells your address to a mailing list, the agent will say no. But guess what?

: : : I know this posting is long but I wanted to get my point across.

: : : Rhonda

: : * Thank you so much for coming onto this board and telling all of us what you did. I was very leery about the phytopharma and that is how I actually came to this board. I was searching for information about it and found a lot of negative stuff. I like so many people out there are desperate to be thin and we'd spend and do almost anything to acquire it. You should be commended on what you did here. I wish you good luck and fortune in whatever you do. You deserve it!

: Rhonda:

: Thanks for posting your message. I was going to order this product for my wife who has struggled with her weight for several years. I may try the apple cider vinegar tablets instead.

: Thanks again.

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