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Posted by david on November 04, 2000 at 22:56:34:

In Reply to: Re: Severe Upper Gas posted by rose on September 27, 2000 at 23:21:48:

: : Hello All,

: : My wife has had severe belching for some time now. It doesnt seem to matter what kind of food she eats, she simply gets a tummy ache (not neccessarily after she eats, seems to be whenever), and then I lie down with her, patting her back at which time she burps up an enormous amount of gas or air. It is hard to believe that she could hold that quantity of air inside her!

: : Now before anyone suggest that I do the ring around the doctors, we are in no posistion financially to go get this test, this one, and that one, just to find out, as is the case many times with others, they cant find anything wrong. We have no insurance and do not wish to play the game. Needless to say we will see a doctor... but are squimish because of the finances.

: : My suspicions are a bacteria that must be thriving inside her stomach. Surely gasses and air cannot pass backwards through the duodenum can it?

: : I had her taking some Caprylic Acid, and for a while it seemed to work. Although my suspicions are that by taking a smaller dose, she is only killing a small percentage of the bacteria, only to have them continue to thrive when she stops taking it. Maybe a one time mega dose... ??

: : Anyway, just hoping someone out there may have a 'home brew' remedy for this situation.

: : One point of interest, though. She never had a problem with belching until she became pregnant. From that point on, it was non stop, but not to the degree it is now.

: : Thank you,

: : Lee

: Hi Lee..I am having basically the same problem..all of a sudden I keep has gotten so bad at times..if I don't belch I feel like I am swelled up inside and am short of breath..then when I do belch I can breath again..Doesn't make much sense..and doesn't matter if I eat...drink or whatever..I went to the doctors..they did an ultra sound and found nothing..the doctor put me on axid, then prilosec..they made it worse, couldn't breath even more and was blocking the belch..I was so bad I didn't know what to do so I tried maalox..didn't help...then I tried pepto bismuth..and it started to help quite a bit..I took it 3 times a day for a week and the belching started to go..I still have the problem and am taking digel..everyday..sometimes like now it is getting bad again..I have taken more pepto just won't go away and also am trying to figure it out..I ask about H pyloria and the doctor told me there was no such thing..I do believe it must be bacteria also..Wish I could find a rememdy to stop it..but till I do this is what I am doing..Hope this helps..
I have had the same symptoms for about a year. I have been to the Dr several times, tried Rantidine also Prilosec, several over the counter digestive remedies (eg. Mylanta, etc). Nothing works. X-ray didn't show anything wrong. I just keep belching with no satisfaction or cessation to it. Later, the Dr. is trying methlochloridane (I may be wrong on spelling), but they give it to people with diabetes to speed up digestion. It has helped and I actually have some good days. But I have noticed most of all what has helped is a daily dose of Metamucil. I also have thought my problem was bacteria backing up in the stomach, and Metamucil keeps me regular and the unconfortable belching is lessened somewhat. On some days when I'm off the Metamucil for one reason or the other, the belching increases.

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