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Posted by Kari Schmidt on November 08, 2000 at 00:31:24:

In Reply to: Stomach Pain - worse in mornings - please help! posted by David on September 28, 2000 at 10:48:04:

: I've had stomach pain for several years now, but didn't decide to have it checked out by the doctor until
: my father passed away with colon cancer a couple of years ago. I'm 29 years old and have already done
: the colon tests (barium enima - YUK!) and also the pictures taken of my stomach (camera down the throat)
: The only thing that ever showed up was the bacteria that causes ulcers, which has already been taken
: care of. The problem is my stomach still hurts just like it always has. I've tried many prescription
: pills including Prevacid, none of which seemed to work. How long should I have kept taking them before I gave up?
: Now, I'm just living with the constant pain the best I can - the pain is centered in the lower part of my abdomen and
: feels sharper if I gently press in on my stomach. Also, the pain is worse in the mornings and even disturbs my sleep.
: The only trend I've noticed is that the pain reduces somewhat after a bowel movement, but still remains especially if
: I gently press my stomach. I'm thinking of drinking the barium solution and having my intestines X-rayed
: next (Maybe the problem is somewhere between "both ends"). Does ANYONE have any suggestions or similar symptoms???
: Please help.

: Thanks,
: David

I know what you are going through. I am only 16 but have been through the same tests and even more. The medication does not work for me. Mylanta works the best or peptobismal. You should do the barrium swallow is the best thing to do I have had 8. My stomach is so bad I am not able to attend school and have had 3 major surgeries on my stomach. Have they thought about doing a scope again. You should think about going to another doctor to to get a seconed oppion. I waited to long and I am now worse off than I was before.

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