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Posted by nancy on November 17, 2000 at 12:20:28:

I have been having, what I consider to be, chronic cholecystitis attacks for the past year. I experience sever pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen and back that lasts about an hour. I also have had a problem with burping.
I had a HIDA and they could not visualize my gall bladder. I had an ultra sound with the same result - they couldn't find the gall bladder. I then had a CT that was normal. (all of these tests were in August)
Last Friday something new started. I think that it was an acute attack. It lasted until Monday. It was very painful in the URQ and tender to the touch..also the rest of my abdomen. I had sever back pain and was not able to sleep. I was also very nauseated and had chills. Unsure about fever as I don't have a thermometer. A trip to the ER is not possible or I would have gone.
Tues, Wed, and Thur felt relatively normal, but last night I had another attack and was not able to sleep. It is much better today but not alltogether gone. Thre is what feels like extreme hunger pains.
What I want to know dangerous is this? I am returning to the US Dec 8 and want to know if I can wait until then to see a doctor. A simple visit to the ER here will be 1,100 USD and I can't imagine how much a surgery would be. I do not, however, want to cause gangrene or rupture or decrease my chances of having a successful laparoscopic removal.

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