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Posted by Bill P. on November 19, 2000 at 22:04:15:

In Reply to: Re: Digestive Disorder - Possibly GERD?? posted by Heather on October 17, 1999 at 20:31:05:

: : I have been suffering from a digestive disorder that my physician diagnosed as GERD several years ago and is treating me with prescription Xantac. I feel that since the symptoms still exist, the diagnosis may be wrong. I am looking for a name to call this problem so that I may tell my doctor and start treatment methods of a different type. My symptoms are as follows: no advance warning of an "attack", just a spasm feeling in the esophogus and upper stomach, making my heart feel as though it were "skipping" a beat This spasm gives the feeling of "panic" as though my heart were going to stop. This symptom usually occurrs about an hour before or after I eat. Milk, red tomato based foods, fried foods and carbonated beverages seem to also set off this attack. Could this be GERD, or is this some other type of reflux signaling something more serious that should be taken care of? I would appreciate any answers or personal self accounts of the same symptoms. Will I have these symptoms the rest of my life with no cure?

: Hi you are not alone. My brother has the same symptoms. He feels like his heart is pounding fast, has then fainted on one occassion, and has a feeling as if he needs to burp, has a bubble feeling just under his breastbone, and has a lot of belching. Are these your symptoms too? He just went to the doctor last week. He had a ekg and an GI test. Both looked fine. If you find out what is going on or have any other info I would love to hear about it. Thanks! H.C.

Nearly two weeks ago I went to the emergency room with symptoms similar to those four or five days ealier. The first time was atrial fibrillation. The second time an attending doctor said I had GERD and wrote a prescription.

I'm not sure if I am allowed to name the brand he prescribed but it caused me several kinds of trouble. I took one pill Tuesday half an hour before lunch and another Wednesday half an hour before breakfast. (None after that.) I had badly swollen feet and ankles by then and it continued for about a week. Wait! There's more -- much more.

Thursday I woke up at 4:00 AM with diarhea, more of it at 5:00 and twice after breakfast. I felt light-headed for awhile during the day. And phoned my regular doctor; he said he would prescribe a different variety of something for the same purpose. When I walked upstairs I started having trouble breathing. I started to call the para-medics but decided to look at the information that came with the medicine. It named all the syptoms I had and many more. The list included trouble breathing. That lasted several days -- not quite sure if it is over yet.

I received a health newsletter from a well know doctor Friday afternoon that discussed the GERD problem. He mentioned a nearly natural thing to try along with raising the head of the bed. I bought some of it Saturday and it seems to help although I did have a touch of it one time and took xx for it. Bill P.

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