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Posted by Teri on November 27, 2000 at 10:30:30:

On 9/25/97 I became nauseous with no other symptoms. Fine the next 2 days. The third day,
all hell broke loose - nausea, vomiting, belching, explosive watery mucousy diarrhea (no blood
in diarrhea). These symptoms came and went, one day I'd feel better, the next would be awful.
The worst of it lasted for 4 months, but it took me almost a year to recover. Had endoscopy,
colonoscopy, small bowel series, several stool samples for bacteria and giardia. Everything perfectly
normal. White blood cell count a little high, had some low-grade fevers, bitter/metallic taste in mouth
sometimes, stomach showed "erosive inflammatory gastritis". Gastroparesis test said my food
doesn't empty quickly enough; doc said it could be result of a stomach bug but may also be for no
reason. I lost 30 pounds.

After I got better, I was perfect for 3 years - until a few weeks ago.

11/12/00 I had upper stomach pain like I'd been punched, no other symptoms. Rest of week heart
pounding like it does when I get a flu or other bug, then that went away. Last week, same symptoms
started as 3 years ago. I can't go through this again! I refuse to believe this is simply "gastroparesis".
I don't think it just comes and goes out of the blue, and I don't think the diarrhea is like that (if your
stomach doesn't empty quickly enough, then you'd have constipation, right?). I think this type of
diarrhea is more symptomatic of a bug/parasite than gastroparesis, and I don't have heartburn or acid
reflux which are symptomatic of gastroparesis. This feels like food poisoning every day. I want to go
to an infectious disease gastro doc who specializes in parasites. I know that's what I have, I don't care
what the tests show. Those tests are not accurate.

Can anyone tell me if intermittent watery diarrhea is symptomatic of the stomach not emptying
quickly enough? Also, how accurate are stool samples in finding parasites? And how long can you
be sick with a parasite?

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