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Posted by Julie Mac on December 16, 2000 at 02:35:47:

In Reply to: Peritonitus posted by Jesse N. Marquez on March 06, 2000 at 17:51:53:

Similar thing happened to me. I developed Vernix Caseosa Peritonitus after having a ceasarean with the birth of my son. Was re-admitted to hospital in severe pain the same night I was discharged from the Maternity ward. Several days later I had my appendix removed but further investigation showed that I had peritonitus from the birth.

For months afterwards I was in pain on and off. My abdoman would swell up, I would be unable to go the the loilet and would vomit constantly. I was admitted to hospital for a few days where they thought I had some kind of stomach bug.

I knew that by this stage I must have developed adhesions from my past surgery, (ceasarean and appendix within 8 days of each other). The adhesions were causing my constant pain.

I was finally admitted to hospital again a few months later (6 months after the birth of my son)with severe swelling, vomiting and pain. I was dehydrated as well. After a few days they finally operated and found that the adhesions had basically grown around part of my large bowel and were cutting it off like an elastic band. I did not have to have any of my bowel removed but had some stitches put in it as it nearly perferated.

I am lucky that I have not had any pain since then, they removed all of the adhesions at the time of surgery.

I did find that having heavy meals would often cause me pain as it would seem to slow my system down with too much to digest.

If it is something similar that your friend's son has, maybe he needs to get the adhesions removed (which is usually done if you have any abdominal surgery). He may need to eat less heavy, smaller, more frequent meals.

I do not wish Peritonitus on anybody as it is extremely painful.

Best of luck Julie, Melbourne, Australia

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