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Posted by terry on October 16, 1999 at 09:20:19:

In Reply to: Constipation/Digestion posted by Jan on October 11, 1999 at 12:59:05:

: I have been having problems with digestion and constipation now for about 3 wks. It all started when I was having problems with neck/shoulder stiffness/pain and decided to use a percussion massager on my back (throughout). After about an hour, I began experiencing tingling in my hands and right leg and feet. Two days later I started to get indigestion and have ever since. At first I thought maybe it was a spinal pinced nerve. Well anyway, I went to see a doc and he put me on Zantac for the acid. I've been taking digestive enzymes for the slow digestion which is helping and also I drink aloe vera for my stomach and changed my diet to add more fiber. I have no pain whatsoever, but do have stomach acid which is mostly in the morning. Constipation is subsiding and I have a bowel movement at least once a day. My question, when will my stomach and bowels be back to normal and could all this have happened because of my problem with the spine? Any other suggestions. I hate feeling like this

the fiber, and digestive enzymes are the trick!
envision a stomach, at the lower end of the "bowl"
before food passes to the small intestines, if you are notice an acid stomach possibly 1 of 2 reasons:
1. eating food too late at night, which may be
improperly digested, leaving an acidic pool in
the stomach
2. the intestines are not clear and are backing up into the system digestive fluids, acid, bile, waste products which should be expelled but due to a blockage of old material, that expulsion is slowed.
here are some useful suggestions:
-have 4-8 oz of buttermilk with 2 acidophilous caps emptied and stirred in to the milk, 30 minutes prior to your evening meal.
-do not have any cold food or drink after your meals (the cold slows the digestive process)
-for upset stomach get some "spearmint" tea and
have a cup or two
-have a salad once a day
-take 2 capsicum capsules "with" each meal
these suggestions and your progress may take up to
6 months to be completely reversed. sorry rome wasn't built in a day, and niether was the damage we have done to our digestive system due to our modern eating habits.
with perserverance, you'll have more vitality and energy and you'll feel like a new person
good luck

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