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Posted by Linda on November 10, 1999 at 01:59:36:

In Reply to: Indigestion or worse? posted by Becky on October 09, 1999 at 12:34:45:

: For about a year I've been dealing with periodic, but
: severe heartburn-like pain in my abdomen. I've chalked
: it up to everything from a sudden intolerance of lactose
: to eating too much greasy food to stress.

: Lately it's gotten much worse. About once a month the
: pain is very severe and spreads to my lower back, to
: the point of being too uncomfortable to lie down or stand
: up straight.

: I know I should get this all checked out by a professional,
: but I have my reasons for not going to a doctor....
: any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

: Thanks,
: Reb
Reb, i would say that you either have an ulcer or you are going through a gall bladder attack... which is what my problem is pointing to ... now if it is an ulcer stress has been found to be a faslehood or myth.. with ulcer is the tendency to have a virus called H-Pylori which they would treat with prilosec over a 2 week period and smaller dose following for some time, eating fatty or spicey foods is forbidden in either of the 2 instances, I have been on an almost totally fat free and spice free diet for the past 2 months I have not gotten worse, but can not endure the pain in my right side much longer along with the fever, high BP and nothing being given to me to either get rid of the pain or help me get some sleep, I have this feeling as if someone has placed a wedge under my rib cage and would be ever so grateful if they would kindly remove it!
please feel free to write me if you like...

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