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Posted by Linda on November 10, 1999 at 02:07:50:

In Reply to: Re: pain in throat and stomach posted by Andrea on October 22, 1999 at 17:02:56:

: : Pain in my throat that is not a sore throat pain and it seems to be near my ears and lower jaw, I have nausea and
: : vomiting, my stomach feels numb, that pain in my throat makes my throat feel like I am choking, it
: : also bothers my breathing, somtimes it feels like it is pulsating. it causes me to cough. I do not know whether it is anxiety
: : or if there is something really wrong for one thing the pain comes and goes but there is a constant feeling
: : like there is something in my throat. All of the pain that I have is on the left side of my neck. I can hardly eat a thing
: : without feeling nauseous or having my throat to hurt, also sometimes I have a slight pain in my chest that covers my whole chest
: : but that went away long before the pain in my neck started. My stomach feels numb when I sit down and I cant seem to hold any
: : breads down because the taste or feel of bread makes me gag and I am not used to that. that pain in my throat can vary from a feeling of
: : a slight tickle to just intense sharp pain. I have a cough that has lasted for quite sometime.
: : Oh and I throw up just exactly right after I eat.

: Try having your GallBladder checked.GallBladder can do weird things and alot of different pain like maybe rating energy.The Dr may not pick it up on his test ask anyways. There may be something else contributing to that promblem also acid reflux Good Luck To you

: : Can anyone help me
Also the gall bladder ultra sound isn't but 95% proven so don;t stop there, they have other tests to narrow it down one is where they make you eat this dye and okay it's called a Cholecystogram, more accurate in defineing such problems... adn may be more indicative of GERD...
Good luck and feel free to write me...

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