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Posted by Harry on December 08, 1999 at 02:49:13:

In Reply to: pancreatitis posted by cris on December 07, 1999 at 14:41:14:

: Looking for information for lifestyle changes in other words- non surgical treatments for pancreatitis, and non-drug-I want to solve the problem, not hide it

Hi Cris, As you know pancreatitis is a very serious condition and requires medical attention. I assume you have seen a doctor and you have a chonic condition. OK???
Since I don't know what you know,I'll tell you what I know. Pancreatitis is caused by an obstruction of the duct causing inflammation.The obstruction can be caused by gallstones ,a tumor, scarring, injury,and other things.As you know the pancreas produces insulin and digestion enzymes and if the problem is not controlled- can readily lead to diabetes and big time digestive problems. Life style changes:Eat low sugar and fat diet, no alcohol of any kind,make sure your triglycerides are normal(high triglycerides are a risk) ,stop smoking and don't be around second hand smoke, if you get an infection and have to take antibiotics make sure you don't get a yeast infection(eat yogurt,take acidophilus). Go to a good HEALTH FOOD STORE and get a knowledgable person outline a good Mineral& vitamin program. What you need is too long to list here.
You basically have to live a lilly-white clean life.----Pancreatic Cancer is the 4th cause of cancer death in the US and pancreatitis can cause it. And, having a healthy pancreas can help prevent it. Solving this problem is not easy life style changes for a person to make on a day to day basis FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Good Luck --- Harry

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