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Posted by Patty on December 08, 1999 at 07:17:20:

In Reply to: Re: HELP!! My insides want out!!! posted by Kim on October 19, 1999 at 21:19:51:

: : I am a 41 year old male. Yes I smoke and I also drink alot of Ahhh Cola's. :-] Sorry I have to keep a positive attitude. I get alot of internal pains. AND i mean A-L-O-T!! I keep having these attacks. They are not constant! I may have one and not have another for months, or I may have one weekly or worse. The duration is different too. Sometimes they last a few hours, somethimes they last a day, sometimes they last for days! They start with alot of gas. Then they evolve to a very tight feeling just under the breastbone. My first attack about oh 3 years or so ago made me run to the hospital with fears of a heart attack!!! Negative though the nerve pills did relax me alot. Feeling with your fingers there is a flat spot where the bottom ribs meet, just above the belly. That gets sore and if I press or rub that spot I feel lightly nausious and it is painful. I also get the feeling like someone is trying to puncture the centre of my back with a large dull needle. Sort of between the shoulder blades. Belching does help slightly at times. I aslo have problems with my bowl movements. What is normal? I do not remember. I am either constapated or I get hit with sudden ---- ahhh --- lets say runs. I am also very gaseous back there too! I can clear a 120 square foot room of all, even myself. It also seems when I get over tired all this is worse but it might just be I am getting too tired to cope too. It aslo seems that when these attacks happen I become constipated and or just don't seem to go. Oh and something new has started with my last few attacks. I get a pain in my left foot. roughly in the instep. That feels like I am standing on a marble.

: : By the way I am into another attack. It started at about midnight Friday night. It is now ten o'clock Monday night. The pain has lessened and gotten worse during this time. During this tiime I can eat -- LIGHTLY -- Sometimes that seems to quieten my problems. I do know I CAN NOT drink coffee anymore, and chocolate too sems to give the same effects. But other items with caffine do not do the same things. ???

: : I know I am rambling and jumping about a lil bit. But please if anyone shares these symptoms or has shared them, PLEASE contact me with what has been done for you!! Oh did I mention I am a father of a five year old boy and have another child on the way. I fear I will not see either to grow up, this is how bad the feelings are.

: : Thanks in advance to any who helps,
: : Reggie
Have you ever had an ultrasound to detect gall bladder disease? I agree it's a good Idea to get rid of colas as well.
: I had the same problem about a year ago. SEVERE pain and gas. I used to drink a lot of cokes but when I stopped the pain got better. My doctor seemed to think it could have been the carbonation since I can drink tea ok. Hope it gets better soon. Take care . Kim

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