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Posted by Chris on January 17, 2000 at 18:49:10:

In Reply to: Re: Severe gastro attacks...Why? Please help! posted by Patty on January 13, 2000 at 07:29:37:

: : Hello...I just found this website and am not sure if I'm in the right category or not, but I'm wondering if
: : anyone knows of anyone else who might have a similar condition. My dad has some sort of food allergy
: : or food intolerance...we're not sure what it is and neither are his doctors. For the past six or seven years,
: : he has had periodic attacks where he wakes up in the middle of with severe stomach cramps,
: : passes out, then either vomits or has severe diarrhea. Afterwards he is completely wiped out.
: : It happens very sporadically, and it appears to happen after eating certain types of foods, but we don't
: : know until it happens. He's had this happen with cayenne pepper, Chinese food, Fritos, once or twice
: : with hamburgers, and sometimes we just don't know. It's happened at home, in restaurants (very scary
: : and embarrassing for him) and when he's been away on vacation. We never know when it is going to
: : happen and these attacks have become more and more frequent. He's very nervous about eating
: : anywhere but at home. He's had allergy tests, but has not been diagnosed with any food allergies at all.
: : His doctors have told him to avoid eating those foods, but that really doesn't help much since we
: : never know what foods will trigger attacks. No one seems to be able to diagnose him. He's been
: : to an allergist, a gastroenterologist, and his regular physician. It's really scary for both him and for
: : us, his family, so we are seeking help. If anyone knows of ANYONE at all who has experienced
: : anything remotely like this, please post! Thank you so much for any help!

: I have experienced symptoms similar to this. I know I have some food alergies but I have found that it isn't usually this that triggers it. Mine usually happens at restaurants and I never vomit. Just severe diarrhea which has happened twice on long car trips at night(Not good!!!)and at my daughter's wedding. I've only had it once at home and it is always immediately after I eat. In fact I can tell before I finish eating that it is coming on. Anyway, I have been free from symptoms for 11 months now. Last Feb. I found out I have gall stones so at that time I made a determined effort to lower the fat in my diet, especially when I eat out. I stay away from any foods that triggered it before and just eat them in small quantities at home. Also I added fiber to my diet in the form of Metamucil. I am scheduled for other tests as the doctor thinks I may have Irritable Bowel Syndrom. If you think this is a possibility in your husband's case, get the book "Irritable Bowel Syndrome & the Mind-Body Brain-Gut Connection" written by William B. Salt II, M.D. It is an excellent overview and lots of good tips. Since I started talking about this problem, I have been really surprised at the number of people who actually have this problem. You are not alone.

I am interested in knowing whether either of you have also experienced severe burning/pain in your chest as well as the stomach pain you describe. My mother for 3 years now has had similar syptoms. After eating foods (and she too knows when it is happening) will get a bloated stomach and a very bad pain from her stomach up through her esophagus. She describes the pain as though someone is stabbing her through her back or chest. She has passed out several times, only vomitted once, but diarreha always comes a few hours later. She usually ends up in the emergency room where they will always check for a heart attack because of the chest pains. They have taken every test known to man. She has been to 6 doctors I believe and even had her gall bladder removed. Even after avoiding certain foods, she still has an attack at least once a month. Is any of this related to the mind? Doctors seem to want to give her anti-depressants since they cannot find anything wrong physically through tests. She and I believe it has to be food related. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

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