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Posted by victoria on January 29, 2000 at 13:43:06:

In Reply to: Re: sulfur burps posted by rlt24 on October 19, 1999 at 22:04:29:

: : : Thinking back to first aid training I have had, I had the hunch that swallowing an activated charcoal of some sort would help to absorb and deactivate the sulfur burps I get periodically. In discussing the availability of activated charcoal over the counter with my pharmacist, he was only aware of the product called - Charco-Tabs - which seemed to work for me. It speeded up the recovery time will getting rid of my sulfur burps. Every other remedy I have tried (baking soda, pepto bismol, etc.) has not been as effective. Good luck, all you sulfur burpers! You (and, unfortunately, those around you) know who you are!!)
: : : : : : I get them when I eat anything that contains eggs. I don't know whether it is due to lack of the proper digestive enzymes for eggs or due to allergy, but avoiding anything with eggs in it prevents this disgusting and unpleasant burping for me...

: : : : : : : What causes burps that taste like sulfur (rotten eggs)?
: : : : : : : Has anyone experienced these? What was the reason?
: : : : : : : Thanks for your help!
: I have this same problem and my doc is sending me for test.It has happened on and off all my life now for 7 days its been the burps stomach pains the runs and i dont know what is causing this.i burp what smells like rotten eggs or a sewer and its making me wanna throw up.anyone know why this happens or what could be wrong with me?
: : : : : This is interesting because I thought I was the only person who had these. I have had them off and on all my life followed by diarrhea and stomach pain or a very gassy stomach. Is yours the same thing? Also, I have just been diagnosed with Crohn's disease after more than seven years thinking I had irritable bowel syndrom and now I am wondering if I have always had Crohn's and have just now gotten so bad to have had the tests to diagnose it properly?

: : : : I am so glad that I am not the only one suffering from sulfur smelling burps!!! I get then when I eat (I think) apples, or when I drink apple juice and sometimes from an over abundance of eggs. When I eat something that creates this reaction it starts off as bloated gassy feeling in my stamach. Then leads to disgusting burps that smell like rotten eggs, then followed by diarrhea, stomach cramps. This happens for about two hours. Then vomitting occurs simutaneously with more diarrhea. This will continue until I have thrown up a small amount of what looks like a light colored peanut butter. Once it is out of me, within a half an hour every thing stops.

: : : : A way to prevent that I have found useful is baking soda and water as soon I smell the sulfur burps and get stomach cramps.

: :
: : My husband has these awful smelling burps which I suppose can be sulfur burps. He just had surgery last year for acid reflux disease and ever since then he has chronic diarrhea and sulfur burps. Does anyone know exactly what this is caused by and how to get rid of it? He is at his wits end and the doctors haven't really helped. he is also diabetic. The doctor says the diarrhea is caused by the diabetic condition, but the medicine he gives him doesn't help. HELP!! The burping is a real pain, for both of us.

Having lived 10 years in India I am very familiar with sulfer burps.They are caused by the intestinal parasite, giardia,an amoeba.Giardia can live in one's system forever and can make colonies in the liver or in any organ.Giardia usually causes some kind of low-grade fatigue.The main drug of choice is metronidazole,but I think another systemic antibiotic may also be needed to really clean the amoebas out.It is very important when getting rid of giardia in my experience to cleean the bowels by:for several weeks prior to taking the antibiotic stop eating sweets,amoebas love sugar.Elinate meat from one's diet 3 days before taking the antibiotic and eat lots of brown rice and/or any other kind of bulk forming fiber to clean out the colon.Colonics are excellent AFTER the antibiotics are taken.Garlic pills help purge amoebas.It is essential so as not to reinfect oneself to clean one's hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom.Giardia is passed on by minute amounts of stool ingested while eating or ,as many gay men know who have gotten giardia, though oral intercourse,or in infected water,living around farm animals,going to restaurants where the waiters have giardia.I live in NYC now so I see a tropical disease doctor here,who can test my stool for giardia in his office.If a stool test is sent to a distant lab, the giardia organism dies and is not visible to the pathologist.A doctor who has years of experience with parasites is your best bet.

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