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Posted by victoria on January 29, 2000 at 14:00:46:

In Reply to: Re: Stomach troubles - what could it be posted by Linda on November 10, 1999 at 02:18:44:

: : : : : I am a 34 year old female. I just had my first child 9 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with "Irritable bowel syndrome" about 6 or 7 years ago. I just lived with it until I got pregnant, at which time I started having lots of indigestion. About a year or two before I got pregnant, I started having intermittent pain under my right rib cage, so the dr. had me go in for a gallbladder sonogram. They did NOT find gallstones, but did find a spot on my liver (which turned out to be nothing). Well, the pain under my right rib cage came back in a big way when I got pregnant so I went for another gallbladder sonogram. This time they did find gallstones. I altered my diet severely and after about 8 weeks, the pain went away and the gallstones did not give me anymore pain during pregnancy. I practically forgot about them. This post is NOT about the gallstones but I wanted to mention it because it could have bearing on my question. The gallstones also caused me to alter my diet during pregnancy, therefore reducing the discomfort of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

: : : : : Now for the problem. Since having the baby I have had lots of stomach trouble. I developed an infection which caused me to run fever during labor (after my water was broken). The dr. ended up doing a C-section when the fever set in. Then they pumped lots of antibiotics in my system over the next few days. I had lots of drugs going through my body while in the hospital - the epidural, other pain meds, the antibiotics,...

: : : : : Once my bowels started moving good after the C-section, they have not stopped. It is 9 weeks later and I'm still having chronic problems. I have lots of burning. I've never had an ulcer but I am wondering if that is what it is. It is not indigestion, because I usually burp a lot with indigestion. I have lots of bowel movements, the kind that hit very suddenly and are runny. I called my dr. about 4 weeks ago. He had me bring in a stool sample, but the test was negative. He prescribed antibiotics (Flagyl ??) and Lo-cholest for the diarrhea. Well it went away for a spell and is now back.

: : : : : This is totally different than the Irritable bowel syndrome. With it I would have periods of frequent bowel movements, and then periods of constipation, with lots of gas. Now I have lots of abdominal pain and burning, along with intermittent diarrhea.

: : : : : Could this just be a duodenal ulcer or something else? Should I call the dr. back. I feel like they just shrug me off because I have Irritable bowel syndrome and they just write it off as being that.

: : : : : Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

: : : : Well, I don't know what the problem is unless you are taking something that is irritating your stomach (i.e. milk, OTC drugs etc.) However I did want to tell you that "Chinese Green Tea" is wonderful for the stomach. I have bouts of indigestion from time to time and "Chinese Green Tea" works great. You can get it without caffeine if you need to.

: : Hi.
: : There is a condition that causes runs, etc, just like you describe, called Pellagra, if I spelled it right.
: : My baby girl had is caused by a vitamin B deficiency. I gave her baby B vitamins but nothing changed. Then a naturalist midwife told me she probably cannot digest was advised to give her brewer's yeast or carob on mashed banana.
: : It was like a miracle how fast the problem disappeared, and docs were at a loss completely!
: : I always took those food supplements for my nervous digestive system, and it does wonders.
: : The time to get results will vary with each person. So don't expect instant results, but try it for a few weeks. Your system probably didn't get like that over night.
: Hey dear... if the tea and all this doesn't help
: Here we go...
: I was once diagnosed with IBS,, since I have been free of stress I was free of symptoms recently I have been under no stress and found when I had the IBS that chicken would aggrivate my diaarhea.. we are all different and something else may be your culprit! okay go into the starter diet for infants, rice cereal, paotatoes, (mashed) pretzels, things of this nature, stay away from fried foods or might I add anything with saturated fats in it( you may go up to 2g but no more!) stay on this for weeks even months and see if in a week you don't notice the diarrhea going away if this may be the case then you most likely have a problem with your gall bladder... don't trust ultra sounds as they are only 95% proven... you will need to go for a scope called oral cholecystogram which will identify this and more... good luck and feel free to write me...
: Linda
:I'd like very much to know how you changed your diet.What worked?Could you have the intestinal parasite called giardia?That requires Flagyl.But if you want to be thoroughly checked for parasites, which can cause ulcerations of the entire intestinal tract,I think your best bet is to see a doctor who specialises in tropical diseases or parasites and does the lab test immediately because amoebas die quickly and are not detectible if the stool sample isn't tested on the spot.Also Flagyl isn't usually enough to get rid of long term parasites,another systemic antibiotic is also required in my personal experience of a decade of living in India.

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