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Posted by Dina on March 29, 2000 at 20:28:55:

In Reply to: Re: Stomach Attacks posted by Donna on January 20, 2000 at 20:50:00:

: : I've been having severe stomach attacks for years now, that the dr's cannot seem to diagnose. The pain starts in my stomach, then radiates into my chest and upper back, very similar to the "Gastro Attack" message posted. It is extremely hard to breath and I double over in pain, I've never vomited, nor get diarriah, yet the dr's said "IBS". This "attack" used to occur every 4-5 months; however are more frequent now. Ruling our sever reflux esophogitis, and ulcers; I heard these symptoms may be related to the Pancreas. Any comments/suggestions?? Thank you.

: Hi,
: I have had IBS for 22years and I have never had any chest or back pains from it. To me, it sounds like your doctor might ought to explore the possibility of a gallbladder problem. I have a sister who has experienced your type of pain from gallbladder.

Hi!: I am so glad that I found your message. My 6 yr old son has been having attacks like that for 3 yrs now and they found out he has a moderate sized hiatal hernia. He had a nissenfundoplication done when he was 10mths old. ( they took a piece of the top of his stomach and wrapped it around his esophagus and sewed it shut ). Anyway, part of the wrap came undone, and caused him to have an esophageal hiatal hernia. He goes into these attacks out of nowhere. He will turn very pale, crawl up on the couch, cry, says his chest hurts, his back, etc... then go to sleep for several hours. It took 3 yrs for them to find it. Get an upper GI done. They will not do surgery on him yet because of his prior surgeries and it could cause him more complications. Also, the possiblity is there that the hernia could get stuck inside his stomach and cut off the blood supply. Then they will do an emergency surgery. Sounds nice huh?? I am scared to death. If you could please respond to me or anyone out there that has similar problems with a hiatal hernia or a nissenfundoplication, please write me. I am a desparate mother looking for answers or other possiblities. Thank you

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