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Posted by Y. Takeda. on April 01, 2000 at 10:35:10:

When I reported that there were strong relationship between Crohn's
disease and allergies in 1996-1997, most of medical doctors
ignored and mocked my report and theory.
However, they have begun the cure of the allergy disease recently to
the Crohn's disease and IBD.(see:referenceĀ@*37-39)
These allergies are concerning Th2-IL-4-IgE-mast cell and
The one of the main cause of Crohn's disease is the allergy which
is caused by early-phase and late-phase allergic reactions.
However, they don't still have a fundamental cure method even to the
allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, asthma, hay fever etc..
Only nosotropic(antihistaminic, steroids, immunosuppressant etc.)
care to the various symptoms.
Therefore, the cure method which can not do the fundamental improvement
to the atopic dermatitis, hay fever and the bronchial asthma can not
deal with the Crohn's disease forever.

I contacted with over eight hundred of CD and IBD patients for my
study through internet and could get patient's individual detail
informations and data.
To thank their cooperation:
I determined to exhibit my manuscript for a lot of Crohn's disease and
IBD patients. It is not to the doctors who cling to the old cure manual
and theory.
I expect it may be useful for your future.
The allergy patient in Japan which exceeds 13,000,000 and in the
United States of America which exceeds 58,000,000.
The allergy patients and the Crohn's disease patients are increasing
every year rapidly.
All patients who saw my study contents will notice to agree with
each patient's individual symptoms experience.
Again, the cure method which can not do the fundamental improvement
to the atopic dermatitis, hay fever and the bronchial asthma can not
deal with the Crohn's disease forever.
My manuscript are at:
Through our study, we found that it is impossible to improve patient's
various symptoms only by medications therapy such as adrenocortical
hormones medicament, immunosuppressant, pentasa etc..
The acupuncture and Chiropractic care resulted to become a
fundamental disease cure method after searching for the various
cure methods.
However, a cure effect as the expectations wasn't gotten in these
conventional methods.
We started new project for new Chiropractic care methods with
cooperation of the University human engineering department in 1995.
Now,we are showing a high improvement and remission effect by our
new cure method.
(1. minimum side effect, 2. abridge improvement period, 3. extend
remission period, 4. reduction quantity medicaments etc.)
Our new therapy is combination therapy which combine medication therapy
and new human engineering Chiropractic therapy(Takeda method).

As my opinion which ended this study:
At first, even myself didn't think that Chiropractic medicine rescued
these diseases.

PS: I apologise to you of my poor English.

Yasuhiko Takeda

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