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Posted by Kris on April 09, 2000 at 00:26:49:

In Reply to: Pain after Gallbladder Removed posted by Michelle on March 19, 2000 at 18:11:32:

: Has anyone else continued to have digestive problems after gallbladder removal. Had mine out 6/98 and still have most of the same symptoms as before. Only diagnosis I've been given is IBS/stress. I don't think that is the whole problem, though I do think that plays some role. My biggest symptom is pain in the upper right quadrant where gb was. I have had numerous tests...upper GI, ultrasound, colonoscopy, endoscopy, bloodwork on liver...all normal, with the exception of mild reflux. The symptoms I have come and go. I can have several good weeks, but I still can't eat Mexican, pizza, fried fish, etc. without major pain for several days afterward. Very frustrated. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the same thing going on as you!! I had my gallbladder out in June of 1999 and have had a consistant problem with continued pain and I get sick immediately after eating. I sometimes can't even finsh a meal before I have to run to the bathroom with either an upset stomach or the need to go to the bathroom. My liver tests and cholesterol are still high but all my other tests are coming back normal. I don't put much faith in diagnostic testing though because all the tests I had before my surgery came back normal also and my gallbladder was up-side-down, in the wrong place, and full of stones yet they didn't detect that after an ultrasound, an MRI, and a HIDA scan.
My next stop is having an ERCP. Due to my age there is a rather big risk associated with it but I am at my wits end. They think the pressure in my bile duct may be abnormal or there may be a stone left in the duct. Hopefully this will solve my on-going problem. Has your doctor mentioned this test to you? Have you already had one? I hope we can both figure out what is wrong with ourselves. Good can email me if you like at [email protected]

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