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Posted by Denise on May 12, 2000 at 22:48:57:

In Reply to: Re: Bowel problems(someone reply to this please!!) posted by barbara johnson on May 11, 2000 at 16:59:56:

Thank you for replying!! I have wondered about the parasite thing. I have seen and read alot about that. I am going thru the change with thyroid problems(chronic thyroidtis and some hypo.) But the hormone therapy and synthroid did not agree with me. But just recently I found a doctor to work with he seems to think I am full of candida yeast. Am now on a detox with fiber(i cut down on my dose) benodite clay(have you ever heard of this) and the bifudus and carply oil. I don;t think I spelled that right. And also garlic.He wants to get me cleaned out good-and don;t think it is parasites. But if it is he said this would take care of it. It will take some time to feel better. And he also seems to think this is what is causing me thyroid and hormonal problems. I will keep you posted. And if you think this is the right route or not. Don;t be scared about sharing it with me. Thanks and My best to you too!
: I saw your message several days ago but was hesitant in answering because my symptoms in the past have been somewhat different. I have Crohn's (hospitalize 4 times). Nevertheless, in approaching any health problems, it would help to look at several factors that may be triggering your body responses. Some factors to consider include unresolved emotional conflicts, allergies (you could be allergic to the fiber, dairy, eggs, soy, etc.), heavy metal toxicity, nutritional defiencies, poor liver function, glandular problems, poor digestive process (you may be taking the wrong kind of enyzmes), chemical toxicity, poor diet, parasites, and silver/mercury fillings. Over the years I have worked on the above factors. This year I finally addressed some major unsolved emotional problems, which has helped. Now, I am working on detoxing my body of heavy metals (lead, cadmuim, nickel,and mercury).

: In your case, also consider that the fiber may be actually clogging your system. For information on enzymes, The ENZYME CURE by Lita Lee is good.
: I cannot take acidphilious for long periods of time. I do better with a product called Primal Defense, which contains soil-based organisms (another form of good bacteria). You could have low stomach acid. There are many things to look at. Hopefully, you can find a health professional or doctor who knows more about nutrition. If you are near the Washington DC area, I could give you some names.

: Take care.

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