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Posted by Traci on May 18, 2000 at 01:10:47:

In Reply to: Re: sever gastroparesis [non-diebetic] posted by Marie on May 02, 2000 at 13:28:32:

: : Hello, My name is Renea and my Daughter Jennifer is 9 years old and has recently been diagnosed as having gastroparesis.
: : Jennifer started having problems about 10 months ago and every time we went to the doctor with her problems they said it was a viral infection..we made several trips to the doctor at least once or twice a month and always got the same answers, so we switched doctors and again got the same answers for several more months...finally I told the doctor we needed a referal to someone who could find out what was wrong with her since you can't have a viral infection for weeks on end for several months. The doctor finally refered us to a gastroenterologist and he ordered some test for her and diagnosed her with gastroparesis. The doctor has yet to inform us with any information on this disease and I have been searching endlessly to find out what to do for my daughter.
: : Jennifer has missed so much school this year from being sick. If I send her to school she calls me to come and get her to the point that the teacher has started to refuse her the right to go to the office to call me. She is up most of the time 6 or 7 times a night hurting and feeling sick if she even sleeps and on the nights that she does sleep it is a miricle. She has been put on homebound thanks to the doctor not the school. Jennifer is on propulsid,prevacid,phenergran for nausea and Tylenol#3 for pain.
: : The doctors can find a reason for the gastroparesis and are puzzled as to what to do for this disease. If anyone has any information please, I am begging you ,please email it to me.
: : Thank you and God Bless,
: : Renea

: I also have a 9 yr old daughter who got really sick last year sounds alot like your daughter.She ended up missing 21/2 months of school finally got a home tutor. After many months and so many tests she was diagnoised with Gastroesophageal reflux. She is currently taking prilosec and nortriptyline for stomach pain.Originally they put her on Donnatol but after a while that caused her to have a motility problem.The nortriptyline has helped alot. I don't think it's traditionally used for reflux but the other meds didn't work.Sometimes the teachers act as if your child is faking they have no idea what these kids have been through. When my daughter first started complaining I thought it was for attention so did her pediatric doctor. Because she didn't complain like most kids would have. She has a high pain tolerance.

My daughter, now 10, also has gastroparesis. It started from a stomach virus in Jan. 2000. We went through the same ordeal with the family doctor and since there are no pediatric g.i. doctors in our town, she sees an "adult" doctor. He hasn't helped much besides put her on reglan. She complains of nausea all the time, but has been going to school--yes, I get frequent calls, but I do believe their is a lot of "stress induced" nausea in her case. It seems the reglan has caused this anxiety and strong mood swings in her case. She has gotten better with alterations in her diet.

I have studied several sites and learned that avoiding milk (& milk products) and eggs may help. We tried it, and it does help alot. She drinks lactose free, low fat milk and does not complain about stomach pain anymore (only nausea).

We also have varied the dosage of reglan and have found that a smaller dosage in the morning works to not disrupt her school work. (She has maintained a straight A average.) However, we do give her a pill before dinner and one before bed which tends to give her more nausea in the evenings (but it is better than having it very severe all day.)

I would like to know if there are any medicines that would help with the nausea (and not make her tired, dizzy, etc.)?

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