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Posted by Steve G on May 25, 2000 at 21:59:31:

In Reply to: Re: Can my GERD be causing this? posted by Trish on May 25, 2000 at 13:50:32:

: : my heartburn and cramping pains from the GERD have actually been ok for the last two weeks, but something odd happened yesterday. When I woke up, I ate an apple, and started doing some work arround the house. Then I started getting this weird feeling in my upper left abdomen(where i sometimes have the cramping pain) It felt almost like i had a pulse(though it didnt match up to my heartbeat really)there, and the abdomen was throbbing slightly. There wasnt any pain and it stopped when i sat down, but for about a half hour, it was there whenever I stood up. It wasn't noticible after I ate a full breakfast though. i was wondering, could this be a spasm in the leaky stomach valve?(GERD)
: : Thanks in advance

: I've had GERD for several years and have been treating it with Losec 20 mg once a day. I had the same symptoms you describe before I had a Nissen wrap done last year. I was diagnosed with a 6 inch wide hiatal hernia. The left side pain was seemingly caused by the opening (tearing?) of the tissue of the diaphragm. The pulsing sort of thing was actually my stomach pushing itself up through the hernia and flipping around. It felt almost like something was alive in there. I would feel this if I bent down as we do to tie our shoes - over exerted my ab muscles - that sort of thing. After my surgery all of that disappeared. Recently I began having problems again,had x-rays done and they found that my wrap had come apart. I've been having the same symptoms all over again. The surgeon is going to try the surgery again. I'm on a waiting list.

: I hope some of this can help you to possibly know what might be going on with your OWN stomach etc.
: Regards,
: Trish

I'll be sure to mention this to my doc when I go back to her.....Thanks again


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