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Posted by patty on July 07, 2000 at 13:33:01:

In Reply to: Re: sever gastroparesis [non-diebetic] posted by Jeannine on February 20, 2000 at 23:17:51:

Jeannine,and to whomever else reads this...
Hi, i'm 26yo. and just recently diagnosed with GP. I dont' have as many episodes, as the others mentioned on the message boards, but when i do it is awful, and happens at the most inopportune momemnts...

Anyhow,....i am looking for some help on finding out what specific foods should be avoided...specific diets for those with GP, what type of nutritional drinks are suggested,websites that have food lists or recipes for suggest foods...etc.

I am not a big fan of medicines, so i am trying to avoid them until absolutely necessary. i did try propulsid, but it made me extremely tired, and i had more severe headaches while using it...and then, it was pulled off the shelves...i have been suggested to take DomPeridone, but when i tried to get it from a pharmacy in Canada recently, they said that they have stopped doing this service for legal reasons...
So, if anyone can help me with the food exclusions, diets, or how to get DomPeridone, please email me at [email protected]


: BB,Carolyn,

: Hi,I also have ideopathic gastroparesis with some
: intestinal dysmotility.I have also lost weight recently (im 5'10 104 now)and Im deperatly
: trying to keep my weight.Its a hard battle.
: Just curious, have you tried nutrition drinks?
: They may help,just sip them slowly.I also suffer migraines and calf pain?Have you read about
: abdominal migrains?I take Miralax for constipation
: and it has been helpful,I find if my bowles dont
: move then my stomach dosen't move.I also try meditation to help with the stress of chronic illness.I have also found massage/accupressure
: to be helpful for me.I hope you are feeling well.
: Jeannine
: PS: a web sit to look into
: /gastro.html

: : I would like to here from anyone who has this disorder. I have dropped 35 pounds in the last 4-5months.I only weigh 108 and am 5'6" female.I have a variety of other problems such as migraines,joint pains,allergies,severe constipation,fatigue, weakness in lower extremeties,severe pain in left flank mostly after eating or drinking,severe nausea,
: : leg muscle pain,left shoulder pain.I have had alot of test and no real diagnosis other than gastroparesis.My drug list consist of zofran,premarin,claritin,lortab elixer,imitrex,and I am alergic to the traditional drugs used for this disorder [reglan and propulsid] Eurythromiacin doesn't help either.I also have freguent upper respiratory infections and urinary tract infections.Looking for any info.Thanks

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