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Posted by Lisa on August 28, 2000 at 16:36:36:

In Reply to: Stomach Virus?? I dont think so...Help! posted by sick on August 27, 2000 at 15:14:12:

: About a week ago i woke up in middle of the night with bad cramping. I had diareah for about the next 24 hours but I felt very sick to my stomach as if I was goig to throw up any second. I also go from sweats to chills every few minutes. I still have all but the diareah sp?. I can not eat anything in the last 4-5 days. The smell or sight of food makes my stomach feel even worse. I managed to eat a few crackers each day. The only thing I want is ice water. I have lost 5lbs in less then a week. I saw my dr two days ago and he said that its acid reflux and a stomach virus. Gave me some pills for the acid and that was it. Later that night I finally threw up and I did feel relief but it only lasted that night. Anyone else out there feel like this? I have been in bed for almost a week. I have no energy and I cant stand the way I feel anymore. Please help!

I'VE READ ANTHONY'S POST AND SEE THAT ANTHONY HAS HAD THOSE SYMPTOMS FOR 4-5 MONTHS AND YOU SICK HAVE HAD YOUR SYMPTOMS FOR 4-5 DAYS, NOT MONTHS.i KNOW THERE WAS A VIRUS GOING AROUND THAT LASTED UP TO 2 WEEKS FOR SOME PEOPLE, BUT THE CORRECT WAY TO DIAGNOSE A VIRUS IS WITH THE CBC AND MICROSCOPE ANALYSIS OF BLOOD TO VARIFY IT IS A VIRUS. Were any blood tests done on you to diagnose the virus or did the doc just say you had a virus? Were there any tests done on you to diagnose low stomach acid production or GERD? There is a test to test for low stomach acid called Heidelberg capsule test that naturopathic doctors do. GERD is only best diagnosed by a gastroenterlogist who is specialized with gastrointestinal problems.

Most stomach flu viruses only last for a day or two at most but I was told by my gastroenterologist that a really bad one that was lasting for up to 2 weeks had been going around and people were coming in to see him. The blood test is what diagnoses the virus and rules out inflammatory bowel disease, unless of course your symptoms continued beyond 2 weeks.

Best to you,

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