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Posted by Rich on September 04, 2000 at 00:48:29:

In Reply to: servere abdominal pain after eating! posted by Ann Miller on August 31, 2000 at 22:45:45:

: My father has had his entire stomach removed; he has had his gall-bladder and appendix removed. He has had the test for mesenteric ischemia and the test turned out negitive. He is experiencing lower abdominal pain in the lower right area that sometime radiates to his back. The pain gets so bad at times that he doubles over---he has lost over 100lbs in the last year and a half and is continuing to lose---he was over 200 lbs and now weighs less than 120 lbs. He can drink liquids and they do not seem to brother him as much but after he eats anything solid he is experiencing this pain. He is also having chest pains but had a heart cath this week and the Dr's said that he is not any worse than he was 3/4 yrs ago. He has had a triple bypass in 1994.
: Any suggestions????

I had 60% of my stomache removed 1 yr ago. I feel completely uncomfortable if I have anything in my stomache. Vomiting, diarhea, & intestinal cramps are very common. I'm only 38. Due to the fact thatI have to work I find the only thing that helps is narcotic painkillers. Although; drs don't like to give them out I have tried every stomache med known to man, and they usually make symptoms worse. Other people I have talked to who have had this surgery said it's very debilitating & takes yrs to feel better.I have maintained my weight, because I drink a lot of soda & iced tea. I also take vitamins & B12 injections, because my stomache can't absorb vitamins. I will pray for him, as crazy as it may sound he might want to try drinking sugar soft drinks or juices. Lemonade really helps with the nausea & vomiting (fresh lemons). He may also want to try this.

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