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Posted by Sammie on September 23, 2000 at 20:37:25:

In Reply to: Re: Nissen Fundoplication posted by Kim on September 22, 2000 at 21:48:11:

: : : Hi! I am a 28 year old suffering from GERD due to a hiatal hernia. I have been on a combination of Prilosec, Pepcid and Maalox and still have symptoms and have had to alter my life, as I am sure many of you have. I am seriously considering having a nissen fundoplication, where they wrap you the top of your stomach around your esphogeous. Has anyone had this prodecure? If so, what are the pros and cons?
: : Hi,
: : I have had that done and I am glad but if you don't need it don't get it. You are unable to vomit or burp and you get stomach gas alot.
: : I had to have it done becaues i have barretts and I need to have an endoscopy every two years to
: : check the spots in my stomach.
: : If you can control it another way do that

: : : Thanks.

: : Thanks for your response, Sammie. I am hesitant about not having the surgery because of the fear of Barretts. Did you have a long recovery? How long ago did you have the surgery? My surgeon says that in time the wrap will relax. Have you found this to be the case?

: Thanks again!

My recovery was not too bad I had the surgery four years ago in June and yes it has relaxed some
ask your surgeon if he reccommends that a person who has barretts and has had the surgery should also still have prilosec twice a day?
I lost alot of weight when i had my surgery because of eating and then when i did start eating solid foods it was really hard because of the gas problem so i took gas X and that worked alittle but I am glad i had it done and sounds like maybe you should also have this done so you don't get barretts I need a endoscopy once every two years now because of my barretts
Good luck to you and please keep in touch with me on this ok

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