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Posted by K. on October 13, 2000 at 22:35:56:

In Reply to: severe errosive gastritis posted by jovita martinez on October 05, 1999 at 19:59:25:

: I have been suffering with severe gastritis and a caffiene addiction for 20 years! .
: I have been unable to kick the coffee habit and because of this my stomach can't heal. I've been on
: Prilosec since 1991 and at first it was truly a "wonder" drug. It allowed me to drink my coffee and even
: some alcohol on occassion. But then gradually the prilosec couldn't prevent the stomach pain that I
: suffered after drinking one cup of coffee! Two years ago I developed an allergy to Prilosec. Now when I
: take it I itch very badly and my eyes get irritated, red and itchy. As soon as I stop the prilosec the itching
: goes away. But then inevitably I will drink coffee again and suffer the same consequences. I have been
: tested for H-pylori and have had eight endoscopies. All have been negative for cancer or anything else.
: My esophagus has also gotten irritated and I never feel well anymore. This gastritis has ruined my life!
: I have never heard of any groups that offer support to someone with a coffee addiction. Is there anyone out there with this problem?
: I spend my days trying to be good and not drink coffee, then I'll slip and need to take the prilosec again,
: then I''ll be miserable for a few days and then I will repeat the cycle again! I have tried to drink other things
: in the morning aside from coffee, but they do not give me the same "jumpstart" that coffee does and I have
: even tried caffiene tablets, but they too hurt my stomach! I would like to hear from other people with this\
: problem I am desperate and so very very tired of struggling with this horrendous problem!
: I do not know how to send an E-Mail on my computer and don't know if this will go out, but if it does and someone out there
: knows what I'm dealing with. Please contact me and lets talk!


A lot of your symptoms sound like what I have been going through and YES I am addicted to coffee. I finally decided not to give it up because it really was not making my stomach any worse than eating. I too thought I had gastritis and went through many tests but I recently found out that what I have is a bacteria in my stomach that caneat through the lining of the stomach like H. Pylorie and produce something called nectorizing entercolitis, a precursor of cancer. Anyway the bacteria is Pseudomas A., it was finally diagonised by an M.D. who also practices alternative medicine. He ordered a simple stool test and found that my level of Pseudomonas was off the scale! Anyway I'm finally on special antiobiotics but it seems that this bacteris is very hard to get rid of and it may be awhile before things get back to normal. there is alot of info on the net regarding this bacteria - you have to make sure you find info on Pseudomonas of the stomach or intestines because this bacteria also attacks other areas of the body causing other symptoms. Anyway it's a really nasty one and I really hope this is not what you have but just wanted to give you the info and let you know that a gastroentrogolist usually won't even think of testing for this.

Hope you get things resolved and start feeling better!


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