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Posted by Gloria Smith on October 18, 2000 at 20:51:10:

In Reply to: Re: Gastro Bypass Surgery posted by Diane on October 04, 2000 at 19:51:50:

My sister had this surgery over a year ago. She has lost over 100#'s since then. I asked her today, "Eva, would you do the surgery again?" She said, "NO! Never! It just wasn't worth it". She whispered this to me today as she lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life.

After the surgery she just couldn't eat anything. Then she developed a hernia. She had to have another surgery for that one. The hole never healed. She gets tired alot, hardly able to do anything. Her hormones got all out of wack. Doctors just did't pay too much attention to her. Why? I feel it's because she's on Medi-Cal. I know if she had private health insurance, she would have faired better care.

As time progressed her condition regressed. Nurses came out to clean out the hole. She became so depressed that she thought of killing herself. This is NOT my sister. She is always full of life. Always looking at the glass half full. It took her 3 days in the hospital before they began to look at her. She became frustrated as nurses would come in and walk out quickly. The hole smelled terribly and no nurse could stay in there for any length of time. There is pus all around inside the hole on her side near her stomach area. Nurses don't even want to come in and clean it. They've been spraying the halls because the stench is so mad. Eva feels bad and rejected.

The doctors just told my mom that she may have surgery again to try and see if they can do something about this. They are going to wait and see. He told her that if she has surgery, there is a strong chance she might not survive.

When she was contemplating this surgery, I tried to talk her out of it. I have heard more than one or two stories of what can happen. Most stories you do hear out there, people only tell you, "This is the way I looked. This is the way I look now!" They don't tell you what goes on between. Please think twice if you are thinking about this surgery. It's very invasive, and you just might not make it. It's my hope that my sister will make it. I'd rather have a fat coffin than put myself through all of that.

: : :I am thinking about having the surgery want info or where to find info on it pros and cons.

: : : : : My sister is planning to have a Gastro Bypass at UC Irvine-CA, due to a Hernia problem and her being way overweight. We are trying to find out more about the long term side effects and the psychosomatic aspect of it. How does this affects one's daily life. Thanks for all your inputs.

: : : : : I am considering Gastro Bypass Surgery. Does anybody have any info on it? Pros / Cons.

: : : : I had this surg. On 12/13/99 in NYC Cornell Hospital. as of this typing Jan 9, 2000 I have dropped 35 pounds. Anyone who has had this surg or is considering you may e-mail me. There is pros and cons

: I am 36 years old...& on Disability...due to my Weight & Health Problems....I have tried for over two years now.. to get Gastro Surgery...At first Medicaid would not agree to help with the Surgery...then in February of this year I heard they Approved to pay for Surgery...but they had Criteria's that had to be met first...I passed all the Criteria's Except for One!! That is: I Need 12 Months of CLOSE Physician Guidance...& a very Strict Weight Loss Program!! My Physician did give me Guidance...& Support...but I was not Weighed!! The reason was because...they did not have a scale that reached over 400 lbs. available. My Physican knew that over eating was not the situation with me....I am I have a Thyroid Problem...& on Medication for both Health Problems. So here I am...struggling with Extreme Health Problems...since August 1 st 2000..I have been put on Oxygen...both of my Knees are poping out of Socket & My Physician tells me I need both of them Legs are always Swollen due to a Circulatory so very Painful to Walk or Stand at All!! I Feel that My Life is Slipping Away...I know that Gastro Surgery can give my Life back...if you have any Advice or any Solutions on how I can receive any Help....please Email me!! Thank You for your Time!!

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