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Re: visual impairment, anxiety

Re: visual impairment, anxiety

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Posted by Dennis on May 07, 2000 at 17:41:35:

In Reply to: Re: visual impairment, anxiety posted by Sandra on February 16, 2000 at 06:31:09:

: : : I do not know which is worse, the visual impairment brought on by a doctor that lied and cut the inferior oblique, which has caused severe vertifical and horizontal dyplopia, nystagmus, and is a challenge for any surgeon to possibly fix, acutally they can only hope to possibly fix the forward gaze but with difficulty or the anxiety of living thru this, no help from the government, fighting for disability, I get so nervous and suffer anxious feelings of having to meet everyday challenges that I do not know which is worse, anxiety or the impairment. ARe there any others out there, I am a divorced mother of a 9 yr old, and we are trying to make it with a lot of prayer have been in lititgation for a while,but thats another story of course. But somedays are hard, anyone else out there with this same thing, to have this happen overnight to you at the hands of a doctor is a little hard then learning to deal with it. Let me know.

: : I believe my situation is not precisely the same as yours, but I have been diagnosed with dyplopia following orbital surgery. I did not have this condition before. I have suffered some of the same feelings of anxiety, apparently, as you have. It sounds as though you are getting professional help of various kinds and this is good. I only wish our economic and medical systems were not so forebidding. Healing is a process. I believe if a person has the willingness to understand a situation in a deep way, a certain kind of fear and suffering can be mitigated. There is much more which could be said. For now, I suppose both of us should endeavor to see as much meaning in each new day as possible and to derive as much strength and comfort from the beauty of the natural world so generously displayed all around us. Good luck.
: ** Dennis- are you getting any help, and will they be able to fix yours? Are your able to work? I have used several therapy methods patching, fogging etc., but they do not work. I too notice the world much more than I probably did before and thank god that at least I can see with distortion, and at the hands of a doctor like you, I just get so angry at myself at the falling down, making mistakes, struggling to see, driving, etc., all of everyday things we take for granted are so distorted even to the methods of applying makeup. So, I need to slow down, but the anxiety starts up when I try to do things fast and fail. Thanks for your kind words. I hope yours will improve.
: Sandra

Sandra, Well I finally got back to this site and have seen your message. I am not sure whether my situation is correctable. I have just had a new ophthalmologist recommended to me and perhaps he can be useful. I am getting along, but need some assistance in order to perform at the same level as before. Post again, if you like, and I will try to respond.

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