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Re: Encopresis (HELP!!!)

Re: Encopresis (HELP!!!)

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Posted by APHDKH on September 20, 2000 at 22:14:08:

In Reply to: Re: Encopresis (HELP!!!) posted by Michelle on September 06, 2000 at 17:31:30:

: I did some research on Cecostomy after ready your question. It sounds like a way to go if your child has had encopresis for a period of years. I'm going to ask my son's GI doctor about it.
: My son is 8 and has been treated for encopresis for the past year (has had for 18 months). Next week he is going into the hospital for a GO LIGHTLY treatment for the 1st time. Have your child experienced that? I'm wondering how well this treatment works. The doctor said he shouldn't get full again after the treatment but I can't hardly believe that after all the other regimans we have been through. I've also heard people having great luck with MOM, is this Milk of Magnisim? If it is, that didn't work for us! Nothing has worked for us, no the enimas or the diet or the laxitives. I guess that's why the Doc. wants to try the GO LIGHTLY? any comments, questions or anything on this matter would be greatly appreciated. My son and I are just about at our wits end!!! I've heard horror stories of kids having this for 4 years. I can hardly imagine.

: : My daughter suffers from Encopresis, and she wears diapers due to her rectal muscles are damaged.She will be 7 yrs old next month.
: : Would like to talk with parents of children with this ailment, and if they gotten a procedure called a Cecostomy
: : device.Thank you for listening to me.

We have had the same reservations aboutthe go lightly. Our doctor wanted our daughter to have it. Based on the number of people who admitted it can be traumatic for the child and the lack of any indication that the blockage wouldn't just start in again, we have changed doctors. There seem to be other things that can be done in terms of potential underlying medical causes as well as helping her develop a better frame of mind. We moved around the time this all got started; there is some discussions that fear and anger can be an originating cuse in some children. Bottom line, if the Go Lightly is as it sounds, it seems to violate the maxim, "first do no harm" even if it does clean her out. Your experience would be invaluable in confirming our concerns or our "straitening us out."

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