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Re: Chronic Pain

Re: Chronic Pain

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Posted by kimberly on November 28, 2000 at 11:59:59:

In Reply to: Re: Chronic Pain posted by George Muff on August 27, 2000 at 14:02:41:

: Hi: My name is George,I've been dealing with chronic pain since 1988 when I had a work related injury. I settled with work. comp and not long after had several operatins,8 since !988, the diagnosis was degenerative disk disease I was 24 years old and did'nt know how to deal with this problem. The doctors said I have permanent nerve damage, because earlier doctors said it was all in my head so operations were delayed. I'm the one who's paying for it now, have been on disability since 93, unable to work so I play with my computer. It seems like doctors crawl into a hole when you tell them you've been dealing with this kind of problem, they don't like prescribing anything to help get through the rough times, but there quick to give out mood elavators,which does'nt help the real problem, is there anyone out there who understands, if so reply.:
: : : Hi Linda, I also am new to the message board and think it is a wonderful place. I am a nurse or was before and on the job injury forced me to give it up. I also would love to share stories and time with anyone who needs a friend and a friendly ear. Please feel free to email me. My name is Tina Ellenburg and my address is [email protected]
: : : I plan to be a frequent visitor to all the message boards especially the HIV/AIDS so that I may answer questions and maybe help someone and feel useful again. All are welcome to correspond with me.

: : Everyday anywhere anytime and possibly anyplace on my body. I was told that the pain was all in my head. True because without my head I could not describe nor would Iknow I had pain. My feet,toes,legs,thighs,arms, and now my chin and bottom lip is starting t tingle. It does not make a difference what you do eat or drink the pain will be somewhere on my body. I have spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease at least that is what it is entitled. Medication sleep and a glass of wine from time to time seems to give some temporary relief. I try not to allow this situation to completely stop me from some form of pleasure, so I have a new hobby now. My soc sec disabl was finally approved. Try to do something that may hold your inerest for awhile during the day. Hopefully that will give you some relief and pleasure.
my name is kim.i am 32 and i was diagnosed as having degenerative disk disease 1 week ago.after about 8 years of on again off again pain in my lower back i began to hurt every day doing just little things.i went back to the doctor and complained of the same pain i had had for quiet awhile but now it was an everyday thing finally he sent me for x-rays.DDD was what it showed. I ask myself if i was diagnosed with this when the pain was on again off again could i have done something then to prevent all this pain now.I am suppose to see a specialist in a feww days and i have no ideawhere this disease is going to lead me. is this pain i feel everyday going to be part of my life from now on? are my kids at risk from inheriting this from me? so many questions, to few answers.

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