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my son needs a proper diagnosis

my son needs a proper diagnosis

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Posted by sheldonna on July 16, 1999 at 20:04:44:

My son is 14 years old. He is developementally delayed.The school system seems to change his label every few years to suit their financial needs.When he was a toddler,his then nuerologist (who has since retired) said " Ten years ago I would have labeled your son Cerebral Palsey. I no longer think those labels are necessary. Children shouldn't have to be labeled to get services. Your son is merely Developementally delayed."
A nolble sentament that I was naive enough to fall for . At age 11, our local special ed district( which services many schools in our area) suddenly decided my son was autistic! I was appalled. My Pediatrician laughed when I told him.Then he realized I was serious.He wrote a letter telling the school district that he did not agree with this diagnosis. They did not budge in their decision. Over and over I questioned them as to why they thought my son was autistic. He doesn't look at people when he talks to them ,was th eonly thing they could tell me.Nevermind that he is actively involved in scouts and church youth group,loves to be involve in everything
and with other people.Now that he's older,he even looks at people when he talks to them.(could it be that he was shy) Mean while his services at school were geared toward what one teacher described as a very Autistic child.They started planning his future in a group home setting. They decided it wasnt worth while to teach him to read and write. At age 13,I took him to another nuerologist,who determined my son was even close to autistic but most likely suffered from left frontal lobe damage.He said he could tell my son was intelligent and felt very stringly that with one on one instruction,he could learn anything,it would just take a little longer.
I was thrilled! But the school district ignored the letter saying they still would rely on their own diagnosis.After months of trying to get them to teach him to read and write,I took him out of school. We began homeschooling. He is learning quite rapidly how to read and write but oddly enough my supposedly autistic child greatly misses the social life at school. I need to get a very thorough diagnoses done on him so that I can force the special ed district to change hi label and IEP. I cannot find anyplace that does this for young people.I live in the minneapolis area. I've been told he is too old or too young for various diagnostic clinics. Help!! Does anybody know of a place that
do a complete diagnostic makeup on my son so that he can recieve the schooling he needs?

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