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Re: Do We Treat Disabled Persons Differently? Or are we just Scared?

Re: Do We Treat Disabled Persons Differently? Or are we just Scared?

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Posted by Belinda on October 21, 1999 at 05:56:37:

I have been reading the posts entitled, "Are Disabled
Persons treated Differently?" I am not disabled, but
I am an RN who takes care of a lot of patients with
"special" needs. I think that before I was exposed to
the patients I take care, I was just like everyone else
mostly scared....We live in a society where everything
that is adored has to be beautiful, young, & perfect!
Just watch the people scurry around for those wrinkle creams, liposuction, makeup, etc.! Just when we all
think we have achieved our version of perfection, we
happen to see a person who is "different", they aren't
perfect, or maybe they have some physical imperfection
that affects how they move their body, or walk, maybe
they are unable to walk at all. I think that because
we are afraid of anything different, we distance our-
selves from anyone who is different. And that's really
too bad, because since I've been taking of these great
people I take care, my life has more beauty in it, more
grace, & I consider it a blessing to work with them. I
no longer view beauty as an outward thing, I look inside to the heart & soul of the person I am dealing
with....and many times, I feel inadequate to meet some
of their needs. My patients can't all walk, some can't
feed themself, a couple are amputees, many are retarded
and vulnerable. I am so grateful that God gave me their
"beauty" to share in my life. Remember, God Don't Make
Any Junk"! All He does is present other versions of
beauty, it's too bad us "normal" folks ignore them for
most of our lives. I have two grandchildren, & you know
what? They only see the person behind the disability,
and so they are not afraid! They are free to enjoy yet
another one of God's beautiful creations, & I intend
for them to keep that freedom from fear. Maybe we should all go back to being a child again? Sorry for
ranting, I needed to say this. Because before I really
looked at how I felt, I guess you could say, I was dis-
abled spiritually. There are all kinds of disabilities.
Peace everyone.

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