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Posted by nikky on November 22, 2000 at 14:12:00:

In Reply to: Do Prenatal Tests more harm than good? posted by Claudia on September 27, 2000 at 22:40:17:

: Hi, i'm a 28 year old mother of a healthy 3 year old girl and i'm pregnant at that time with my second child. (23 weeks along)I have found so many good and helpful information on this DS message board! You are all wonderful people! Well, of course, i just would like to share and hopefully somebody also will share their opinions with me. With my first pregnancy I testet positiv (AFP) for DS! I was horrified and went for an Amnio who turned out fine! But what a scary experience! I could not concentrate anymore, simply was obsessed with the tought it's gone hit me! Well, everthing turned out good. This time I didn't do any of this test! The routinultrasound showed so far everything is fine, but still, i feel somewhat guilty if i still should have done this tests? I asked my OB for an Level 2 Ultrasound what I'm gone have next week, more like, in case, so i could prepare, even i know it's not a 100% Garantie. I know, i should not worrie so much, my husband also thinks this things are sometimes not in our hands, we dont't have so much control about this life! I guess, he is right, even with all this advanced tests and specialists out there, it is still in the hand of god! This gives me strength and calms me also down a little bit. I think, today it is not easy anymore to enjoy a pregnancy!! They do and offer now so many (called optional) tests and then they leave us alone with our confiused feelings! None of this tests is 100%, many are only 60 - 70 % accurate! So, what is the right thing to do? Should i feel guilty when i don't do all this tests? Some tests but also can lead to misscarriage! I feel i'm on a rollercoaster, regarding all this medical "stuff!" I pray everyday to god for the health of my children, this, so far, makes me feel the best. I would love to get some mail and some supportiv words! I know, nobody is allone in this world, everybody will help! Thanks and god bless you all Claudia

I didn't want to do an amnio because of the risk to the baby, and I had already decided that I was going to have my daughter no matter what. Kayla, my daughter was diagnosed with downs syndrome the day she was born. I would not have done anything differently. I love her just the same, and a risky test wouldn't have changed anything.

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