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Posted by dodi on December 22, 2000 at 03:45:23:

In Reply to: my downs child also has diabetes and autism posted by Katie on August 29, 2000 at 20:57:49:

: Joshua is a very special boy with many special needs.
: My name is Katie. I will be Joshua'a step-mother some day. He is a challenge. I am a nurse and I do his blood sugar tests and give him insulin shots. He doesn't speak very well and it is very difficult to maintain his sugars. He is also very aggressive. Josh is 8 years old and still does not use the toilet, I fear he never will. It is difficult taking him out places Hbecause of his bad behavior. I love him and want the best for him. Can anybody help?
Hi Katie!..I don't know if you'll ever pick up this msg. I'm 1 wk. new to computers and net. My son is 18 and he has Trisomy 21 Down syndrome with Cluster#4 Autisms...but the medical profession in Canada figured they'd only allow one label per disability :):):) I saw the signs when he was 11 months old but they told me I was crazy. Some 4 or 5 years later I found a paper from an organization in Wash.DC.. I think it was called something like professional papers on Ds. It divided autism into 4 clusters of symptoms/behaviours and it was clear to me he fit only the #4 I felt validated and also saw that the repetitive thing had it's positives in that it gave him an extremely long attention span unlike most of the kids I know with Downs. Just this month the Geneva Centre in Toronto 0ntario announced it is holding its first workshop for parents of people who have Down syndrome & Autism,, on Jan. 10th. It took 17 years but FINALLY! I really don't think I will be the only one there??? They are at and you can e-mail them at [email protected] Maybe you can find the publication I first saw..researching back say 1986 (but might even have been written earlier)in DC. Seems to me there was an org. there with children and brain in the name. Could it be Children's Brain Research or Foundation? Not much help am I..there was a Dr. Mary "something?" connected with it. Meantime I would take that boy of yours off MILK! There's a Dr. in Chicago I think named Mandell..who has shown some extraordinary things to do with cerebral allergies. I attended a workshop once..Dr. Abram Hoffer also. First name might be Marshall but Mandel is right. You might find something under orthomolecular psychiatry. Even Dr.Doris Rapp's books on kids and food are good. Autistic kids can also be triggered by their environment..movements, sights, sounds. places like Geneva Centre teach parents and teachers techniques but also explore with parents what child is reacting to...but for the diaper thing I'd look to diet, food or chemical sensitivities. 0ne of my "normal" kids had a cerebral allergy to milk that was the cause of bedwetting,poor grades, no memory or concentration, crying jags and tantrums..(She's a psychologist today) Try aol msg. bds or elsewhere as this one is just plain irritating..hard to follow. Re: diabetes...I have seen people taken off insulin entirely after being put on a diet devoid of all things white!! Milk, bread, rice, sugar, etc. Worth a try? Good luck! [email protected]

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