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Posted by Brenda Amburgey on October 15, 1999 at 17:38:39:

In Reply to: False Positives Common??? posted by Becky on October 09, 1999 at 17:11:37:

: 10/9/99
: I will be 27 in Nov. My husband, Nick, and I are having our first child. I am 17 weeks pregnant with our little blessing and am very confused. I had a Triple Screen test done almost 2 weeks ago. Thursday the doctor's office called me at work and said the Downs Syndrome test was positive. After researching I am finding out that this test is not very accurate. Infact, I wish I had not done it at all. I have an amniocytisis scheduled for 10/12 and I am not so sure I will be going through with it. I would like some advise from people who have gone through with this only to find out that they were false positive. Nick & I will have this baby regardless and I don't see reason to add risk to a completely healthy pregnancy. Neither of us has DS in our families. He is 34 but from what I read, he would not be the risk factor until he is much older. God is in control but He also gives us common sense..
: Amnio necessary???
: In Christ,
: Becky

This was my experience:
I decided to have the AFP screening because I figured if it came back positive I would have an amnio. If the amnio confirmed the AFP, we would have time to prepare mentally and to learn as much as we could about the birth defect. Abortion was not an option. I wanted to keep my baby regardless. My test came back positive for DS. However, I decided not to have the amnio because of the slight risk for miscarriage. (I had forgotten about this slight risk prior to the AFP or I probably wouldn't have even had it) I didn't want to risk losing the baby altogether. My doctor told me many times to not be too alarmed. The literature he gave me indicated that out of every 100 AFP tests that come back positive, only 2 actually result in a baby with a defect. Friends told me that their doctors didn't even like to recommend the test because so often a false-positive resulted. We too had no reason to think there was a problem. I was 33 at the time; my husband was 32. We were both healthy and have no history of Down syndrome in either of our families. Besides my instincts, which are usually right on, told me everything was OK. My beautiful little boy was born in March and he has Down syndrome. Yes, we were still somewhat suprised and the first couple of weeks were especially difficult. But now, 6 1/2 months later, we are doing well. My little boy, Brent, is amazing; so beautiful and so incredible!! We have learned a lot in the last 6 months and we have much to learn. And, of course, sometimes it is still difficult. Mainly because we worry about what is ahead of him. But I'll tell you this, I thank God everyday for giving Brent to me. I know by now you may have already had the amnio so however it goes, I wish you the best. If you have had the amnio, I'd really like to know how it turned out if you would like to post a follow-up message. God bless!!

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