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Posted by Kathleen on December 19, 1999 at 13:59:24:

In Reply to: Need someone to speak with 1 on 1 about my special brother posted by Felicia on December 16, 1999 at 05:46:53:

:Felicia-I don't know if it's coincidence or what that I happened upon this link. I was looking for a Christmas gift for my husband & followed a health link. About a month ago,I actually went out searching the net, looking for someone who might benefit from my experiences with my own down syndrome brother. He passed away August 1999. I wanted to honor his memory by possibly talking to others that might be somewhere along the continuum of living/caring for a special relative & might benefit from my experiences. The agencies I contacted said thanks but they knew of no one. To be truthful I am having a hard time dealing with my loss. I miss him terribly, especially with this being his favorite time of year. So you see, I need to talk one on one as much as you. Hope I can be of some use. Happy Hollidays. Kathleen

: you see i just found out this year that I'm not an only child, that at last, what i believed to be true for so many years, is true..... I now have 5 brothers and sisters and the youngest is younger than my own step-son by a year and that he has downs syndrome. I have been around him and spent alot of time with him in the last year, and he is so special to me. But my problem is, well this is hard to say but there is no easy way around it. Our dad, meaning the father of all 6 of us is in prison. Well,his mother has to work very hard. Now mind you, that most of us kids are grown and living on our own. I didn't even know who my dad was, for sure, till I was 32. But my youngest sister is 16 and my baby brother is 10, he is the special (oh so special) one that I spoke of, he goes to public school, they can't afford private school, but he's ten now, and to keep him occupied they sit him in front of the tv with a video or they let him run wild and do as he pleases at their house, she works hard like I have said, and my 16 year old sister is and has been his keeper for as long as she can remember. But she's 16 now, they have already taken her out of public school so that she can take care of him. Which is not fair to her. Oh God, I don't know what I'm asking, I just need someone out there that understands and that I can talk too! If you can help me in any way please get in touch with me at [email protected] God Bless you all!

: especially if you took the time to read all this rambling! :) It takes wonderful people like yall to make this world worth living in!

: Sincerely,
: In need of someone to talk to that can
: understand this and give some advice!

: Felicia!

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