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Posted by Ann on May 30, 2000 at 23:28:12:

In Reply to: Re: weight posted by Sharon on May 30, 2000 at 22:36:01:

: : :
: : : : I need help in controlling my 10 yr downs boy weight. 4ft 100 lbs.any way to get him to lose weight or to stop gaining. 25 lbs in the last year. Any ideas...

: : : Dear Linda,

: : : Re your weight concern for your son, have you
: : : considered checking into vitamin intervention?
: : : We get ours from International Nutrition, Inc.
: : : 800-899-3413. You can ask for info on NuTriVene-D (vitamin therapy for people with
: : : Down syndrome). We noticed a big difference
: : : in our son's weight and growth after taking
: : : the vitamins routinely. Of course, there are
: : : other benefits too. Our son is 9 years old,
: : : 4 feet 2 inches, and weighs 63 pounds. He is
: : : not very interested in athletics so we walk alot.
: : : Additionally, even though it's hard sometimes,
: : : I restrict his food intake and offer lots of
: : : fruits and vegetables and low-fat foods. It's
: : : so great that you are focused on this issue,
: : : because sometimes many well-meaning people
: : : (relatives included) tend to indulge our kids
: : : with food and goodies. It's just not good for
: : : them to be overweight for health reasons and
: : : social reasons too. Good luck to you.

: :
: : thank you, everyone wants me to accept his weight because of downs...but i dont think that is wise for his health, i will check into this. Again thanks :-) linda

: Hi again Linda,

: I know what you mean about people accepting certain things about our children because they
: happen to have Down syndrome. My son likes to
: get really close to people he doesn't know and
: tries to hug them. It's not appropriate, but most
: people say something like - oh, that's okay he
: doesn't know better. Yes he does know better and
: he's just trying to get away with something.
: Anyway, it occurred to me that if you aren't
: already doing it, make sure your son gets his thyroid tested yearly. I know my pediatrician never brings it up and I have to keep track and remind him. It's such an old-fashioned stereotype - that people with Down syndrome are heavy. It
: doesn't have to be that way. You sound like you're listening to your instincts, not other
: people. Good for you. Take care.

Hi,Just wanted to let you know I like what I'm reading here. I agree with you 100% I check with this board often. I have a son with DS that just turned 14.You Guys sound like my kind of people Ann

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