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Posted by liz on June 10, 2000 at 07:01:31:

In Reply to: My son has DS and other different sicknesses posted by Worriedmom on March 11, 2000 at 00:35:25:

: My son, Kyle, has DS. Ok, I've learned to deal with that, no big deal. My son also has other sicknesses which the doctor's can't give any helpful advice on, that's a surprise! Anyway, the symptoms are: crying at night, lots of screaming, colds without remedies, major congestion, no fevers, barely eats or drinks anything for days on and off. He is going to have a surgery to take out his tonsils soon. He is also teething(2 years old) Any questions, please e-mail me, any tips if you have handled this or know someone who has handled this, PLEASE HELP ME! Please give me tips, thank you.

: Sincerely,
: Worriedmom

Dear Worriedmom

Please don't be worried -we adopted our boy when he was 6 months old (he is now almost 3 years old). My husband and I were worried from the moment we brought our boy home. We have been through what sounds to be exactly what you are going through now. It is all trial and error but don't be too disheartened by the error part because even if your child was "non-disabled" you would find you'd still have some kind of problems. My best friend has helped us through alot of bad times (she has 2 daughters whom have had their own problems). Anyway 1) the crying at night has been and is still a problem for us but we have found that a soft teddy bear or something that is easily cuddled can be of some help. We have spent many a night lying in bed waiting for sleep to take over. When you put the baby to bed pretend you are putting two babies to bed -gives kisses and cuddles to the bear and then to the baby -then leave -you will hear some crying but eventually it does stop. It took our son three nights of this and he goes to bed quite well now. 2) the lots of screaming unfortunately is a problem but the only thing that can be done is to make sure they are safe in their surroundings and let them rip. If they get to the stage where the crying is really bad then i would suggest cuddles (it works with ours) but sometimes it may not work -so don't be too upset by it. It does take alot of patience which comes in time, as my husband sometimes cries too. 3) as for colds without remedies - we have tried just about everything on the market and have found one that actually works BENADRYL. It is a Day & Night medicine (liquid) + Drixine Paediatric Nasal Drops + a bit of Panadol doesn't hurt either. I know it sounds like drug city but very safe. We have also been told about Chest Physio -which is just like burping a baby but around under the arms area to help bring up the congestion on the chest. We found that our son was having two courses of anitbiotics before the cold would move (not go totally) and then the next time he had a cold we had antibiotics one week + chest physio and then just chest physio for the next week. We found that this was much better than two courses of drugs. 4) as for the eating and drinking -we don't have that much of a problem. We found that encouraging our child to suck a wet face washer while in the bath helped with fluid intake. Hope these tips will help you and your son, Kyle. If you need anmore help you can email us at [email protected]

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