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Posted by Lynn on August 19, 2000 at 16:53:19:

In Reply to: Re: Behavioural Problem posted by cathy miller on August 13, 2000 at 01:57:39:

We have the same problems with out 6 year old. He has no concept of right or wrong, thinks it is funny when we reprimand him and give a time out. I am so frustrated. He is very distructive. Our daughter is 8 and also has DS, but we have had none of these problems with her. OT, PT, psychological councelling, timeouts, taking toys away, ignoring him and PCAs haven't been able to help. When we think we have gotten through to him on one issue, he starts another one!

: : : My 4 year old daughter with DS is always throwing things. Sometimes they are heavy things and hurt others, mostly it is household items which of course break. She has been reprimanded, given 'time out' (which she doesn't appear to understand anyway) - and still she does it. She thinks it's a game even though no one laughs but her and she often leaves her siblings in tears.

: : : Her early intervention teacher does time out too but offers no other help with the problem other than trying to change her attention to something else but as the throwing is random you never know when she is going to do it. She has been doing this for years by the way.

: : : Any ideas?

: : I have no ideas..just know how you feel! my son is 6 and VERY destructive and hyper! :(

: Our child is 12 and does this. A physical therapist once noted that he turned circles a lot and tossed things. He felt that it was related to muscle developememt and needs to exercise these muscles. And your right---our son makes no sense of timeouts either! We redirect, with a smile, offer comfort to siblings, explain the differences in the children. We offered, instead of toys and household objects, the cardboard type covers of VCR tapes. They hurt nothing, either people, pets, or the house, and they give our son something else to do---LOOK AT THE PRETTY PICTURE. This has given us comfort.

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