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Posted by Gloria on October 21, 2000 at 00:59:54:

In Reply to: About Behavior Problems - to Jan, Michelle, & Jennifer posted by Colleen on August 04, 2000 at 22:22:56:

: Believe me, I know how you feel! Everyone talks about
: what angels kids with Down syndrome are and how great
: life is being blessed with them. I love my son, of
: course, but it is so hard to deal with his behaviors.
: He is nine and very active, but not with appropriate
: play. He likes to unplug things and if I leave the
: room for a second he takes the light bulb out of the
: lamp, takes the shade off, and usually puts the lamp on the floor. He takes the laces out of our shoes when he
: wakes up in the morning. We had professional behavior
: specialists come to our house once a week for over a
: year to help us. We were able to extinguish some un-
: desired behaviors (he used to throw things too & pull
: curtains down), but it seems that when one negative
: behavior stops, another begins. I hate to sound like
: such a drag, but I'm about ready to crack. The one
: thing that really worked for us was to determine why
: he was doing a certain behavior (usually attention in
: his case) and use a certain technique. For example,
: planned ignoring worked well because he realized he
: wasn't going to get any acknowledgement when he did
: something inappropriate. But, you have to be consistent and everyone has to participate. So if
: we're at a party or a relative is at our home they make a big deal if he unplugs something and we're back a square one. One thing also recommended is catching
: the child doing something right and really lavishing
: on the praise. That way they realize they'll get
: attention when they do something appropriate. It is
: so hard not to react when he has, for instance, un-
: plugged the phone when I'm on it! He, therefore,
: needs constant supervision. I have other children
: too and even my four year old can be trusted when I
: leave the room to make dinner or something. Time out
: doesn't work, yelling doesn't work, nor does reasoning
: with him. He is very clever and knows exactly what he is doing. We also try hard to encourage him to play
: with things that interest him, like musical toys and videos, but he eventually takes the batteries out of
: a cassette player and unplugs the tv. If you or anyone else out there has any ideas please let me know. Good luck to you and thanks for making me feel a little less alone.

HI I am sorry about this and belive me I know
I am going though excatly the same as you but worse my daughter who has ds is only 6 years old she started these behavior problems around 4 and never has imporved I have learned that if they do not change in time then I guess we are stuck with it becasue that is how they are and strobbon I have tow other kids age 6 and 3 and we can't even go out in plubic without her screaming or go into restruants. I think people say da are angels and great to be loved becasue they don't want to adimit the negitive sides there are alot of bad things in my daughter than good and at times I want to fall apart too my family aslo spolis her when she does something bad " don't yell at her she can't help it " duh excuse me she can learn
see it just makes things worse and spolis her and confuses her becasue Im telling her its wrong while others ( who should mind their business) say oh its ok No NO honey you know its not gonna work she thinks im mean becasue others do not tell her whats right and wrong so after so many yeard im about to give up and have her in a program 3 times a week so less stress can be in the home and family can go out in pulbic for once
she will sleepover a home group for 3 times a week that is the best I can do as im runing out of pantice and she takes her diappers off and gets poop and pee all over everyday so I understand how you feel I though I was the only one becasue I have seen some ds behave well but im glad I read this and I know im not alone im wiht you thanks for putting this on bord feel free to e mail me. Good luck Gloria

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