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Hi all! Im new to the boards, so thought i would introduce myself. First off, let me say that these boards are a fantastic wealth of information, and thats good news. Seccond, just wanted to say you guys seem like a real nice bunch, and I hope I fit in here. Anyway Im 34 and had a Wilm's tumor on my Left Kidney when I was just 3 years old, and they removed the kidney. I had radiation treatments and chemo therapy also. In those days, the treatments may have been a little different then they are today, but it seemed like I went through the ordeal for years of my childhood. I remeber more of it than I would like to. Anyway as I grew up, i had to get surgery on my right leg to scrape the growth plates so that it could 'catch up' with the leg length on the left...to say in short this didn't work as planned. I noticed within my late 20's that I was in alott of pain in my back and my joints especially in my hips, and still am today. My Dr. told me that I was doomed to be in pain the rest of my life, as my legs were not the same length and it curved my spine too as a result. I had this happen when i was 12, and in my opinion, it (the leg surgery) would have worked had it been done when I was younger. Who really knows for sure.. I could speculate all day. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows if radiation or chemo therapy could cause not only physical, but mental disorders as well? I have wonderd this for some time. I grew up w/ a VERY short attention span and almost ADHD type of behaivor. Now I take abilify and prozac to level my outrageous moodswings. I am now also expirencing memory issues that may attribute to some of the problems while in school. Thanks for your time and if anyone knows anything about this please let me know. :D