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Hello All

I found this board a short while ago and have found out so much information, I thank all of your for providing such a wide prespective of information to others going through this situation.

First off, I would like to say that I'm going through the process with my son, he has been on disability since he was about 9 years old and hes now 18. For the following, Mild Mental Retardation, ADHD, Bronchial Asthma, Learning Disability, Allergies.

When he turned 18 he went through the Adult process and they found him to not be approved anymore. Well now we are going through the process of trying to get him back on disability. We are appealing that denial.

His regular MD referred him to a psychiatrist and now this psychiatricts has been seeing him for several months and this person has diagnosed my son with other things. Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Poor Impulse Control, having Hallucinations, Schizo and more.

He filled out a Mental RFC for my son saying my son is Extremely limited in every/all areas of Understanding, Memory, Concentration, Social Interactions, Adapting to change. He also said my son is non-verbal communicable and cannot complete complicated or simple tasks. He completed a four page document stating all of this.

Now, my son has a lawyer but this person says that we need "more", basically the lawyer has not came out and said this, but each time we talk the lawyer asks for "more".

I have read so much online and so many things online has stated that my son already qualifies even with what he had for the 10 years on disability before, and that he still should have gotten approved as an adult.

The lawyer says we should have a hearing next year, so what I'm asking is, ...is all of this not enough for my son to get back on. My son also takes so much meds, and the psychiatrist just gave him new drugs Abilify & Depakote along with his concerta, albuterol inhaler, albuterol solution, advair, loratadine, nasal spray.

My son also has back problems, and nose bleeds because we believe he has high blood pressure, overweight but no one is addressing these things right now.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

(Sorry this post is so long, I'm a bit upset right now)

Thanks for everyone's responses. First let me say that our income is really low meaning we qualify there.

SSI agreed to have an informal conference with my son, some kind of Arbitrary meeting with him, and its before you would have a ALJ hearing. My son has been on SSI since the age of 9 and they denied him at age 19.

These are his diagnosis

Mild Mentally Retarded, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder w/Psychosis, Schizophrenic, Depression, Poor Impulse Control, Asthma, Back Pain (Lower) prior injury as a child, Allergy

Documented Medications
Abilify (Bipolar),
Depokote (Schizophrenic/Hallucinations),
Effexor (Depression),
Albuterol Inhaler & Solution (Asthma )
Ventonlin Inhaler (Asthma)
Loratadine (Allergies)
Ibuprophen ( Back Pain)

He was taken Off Ritalin last year, hoping other meds would help the ADHD

Those are his exact diagnoiss and medications - he has medical documentaion from his doctor who is behind him 110% and filled out many paperwork saying so

His Mental Retardation level is 67

He has two filled out Mental Capacity Funactioning Forms, each saying Every box is Severe
He has a SSI paper filled out saying Every thing is Severe

Now, at the meeting because my son's records at school did not say he was going crazy at the school the person said everything basically did not look right (not substantiated), he just started seeing this doctor/psychiatrist who has given him (all this paper work/meds) why wasn't this showing before all of these years.

Secondly, She actually said because my son is just getting all this new documentation (about bipolar/schizophrenic) everything just does not substantiate that its not in his school records just new from the doctor.

His diagnosis for Mental Retardation came at 9, they are ignoring it now that he's over 18
His overdose of Methadone at age 5, they don't want to discuss it
His Asthma he's been on these meds since age 7, they are ignoring it
His Allergies since 7, ignoriing it
His Back Pain since 10, won't discuss it

Bipolar Disorder w/psychosis (diagnosed 10 months ago 2007)
Schizophrenic (diagnoised 10 months ago 2007)
Depression (diagnosed 10 months ago 2007)

I explained he just started seeing this person, he has the most problems going outside, letting light in you cannot even open blinds in my house, he wont' bath for days, I explained how he can't understand things, remember things, all of this is the absolute truth, but she basically slammed us down, and let the Advocate for my son know even before the meeting was over, that it was a NO. Didn't know they were allowed to do that

The only thing the Advocate who never said one word my son says at the meeting, when she did the lady SSI shot her down, and said wait. The Advocate now says Send him to a mental institution for awhile, a week or so to get evaluation and maybe that will help when we get the denial and we will have that for the ALJ hearing.

I'm so upset right now, I can't believe it, this has caused him to be angry, mad, he's going crazy that these people won't recognize all that his doctor says. His doctor is behind him 110% a psychiatrist, he even filled out papers the day for the meeting to let them know, this is real/true call me if you need my information I can answer questions on the spot. He put his phone number on the documentation basically saying call me during the meeting.

They act like my son is 20 and now that he's over 18 throw him off, everything just went away. The mental retardation diagnosis from age 9 (he cured), the ADHD, he cured, and we don't want to discuss asthma, back pain, learning disability and all these documents from this new doctor, he to young. Send him to work.

Well my son has mental retardation but I DON"T and I'm going to fight this to the day I die. And I mean that.

Thanks everyone for listening to what i have to say and helping, I really appreciate this right now. Thank you