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I have posted before about my 14 year old son. He has had pxs for about 2 years and has been dxed with Mood Disorder and ADHD. The pdoc feels the true dx is "in the Bipolar spectrum".

Last night DS told us he had quit taking his medication(lamictal, abilify and welbutrin) about 3 weeks ago. He said he thinks he can stay in control without medication. He had been pretending to take the pills and then hiding them in his room. He gave them to us as proof.

We have been seeing both positive and negative changes in his behavior over the past few weeks. He is reporting less difficulty focusing and is faster with his school work. He is socializing more. On the negative side we see some out of control behavior on the field. He argued with the ref and fouled another player on purpose. He was in tears at half time. He may be experimenting with drugs again. He is getting increasingly "reved up " at night and is having trouble sleeping again.

I have a call in to pdoc. Last November he was only taking prozac after being dx with Major Depressive Disorder. It was one of the worst months ever with a suicide attempt, self injurious behavior, hallucinations and almost catatonic depression. I am scared we are in for more of the same. It has taken us a year to get him stabilized.

Once again I am reaching out to my online friends for strength and guidance.