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Hello everyone, I am new here. I was recently denied SSDI (condition not several enough). Im writing this to get some assistance from anyone possible.
I fully expected to be denied due to my lack of records for my conditions. I hardly ever went to doctors for anything.

Alittle bit about myself. I am 38 years old with deep depression / bi-polar / PTSD and who knows what else.I believe i was always depressed / bi-polar but never sought for any help or treatment due to the fact that I always thought it could be resolved with the motto "mind over matter".

I last worked in a high paying 6 figure corporate job in 2004. My company was located in the World Trade Center, and i was there during 9/11. Ever since then, my depression etc has gotten worst. I no longer associate with any former friends or girlfriends anymore. I don't express or talk about my issues with anyone. I have constantly thought about suicide and have very violent thoughts towards other people "I deemed" to do the wrong things. I just stay in my home all day with no desires to do anything. My sister helps me out with food / cleaning etc.

Late last year, I finally 'admitted' to myself that something is wrong with my and begun to see a primary doctor. He prescribed me lexapro and recently abilify. I also recently started to also see a psychologist.

As I stated before, when I first filed for SSDI, I had little records of my conditions and was not even seeing a psychologist. I didnt even mention it to my primary doctor. I didnt have him complete a RFC or write a letter or anything. I guess I filed half heartily because deep down I still felt like I can get over this and that i was also 'ashamed' to file SSDI. But I now realize and admitted to myself that I do have a serious issue. With all that being said, I welcome any help anyone my have for me regarding this. I also have a few questions.

1) I plan on appealing the denied (I live in NY and it goes straight to a ALJ). Because my initial application was very thin and the fact that the wait can be 18 months, can I still file another new application while waiting for the appeal? Or would it be better to not appeal and just file a new application that contains more medical records along with RFC's file by my doctors etc.

2) lastly, if i do file a new application, would it be better to wait 6 months of treatment with my psychologist to then file ? I currently have been seeing him for only a month?

I know this is a bit long and I thank you for reading this and providing any suggestions that you may have.