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Hello,i Have A Son Who Is 10 And Has Adhd And The Doctor Just Switched His Meds To Focalin And Abilify.i Would Like To Know If Anybody Has Experience W/these Drugs,or Side Affects.hes Saying That His Jaw Is Locking Up.the Doctor Said These Two Drugs Work Very Well Together,but I Would Love To Here From Anybody Who Has Had There Child On Theys Drugs,and Your Experience W/them.
my son is very hyper,winey,moody,and negative.but on the other hand he can be sooo loveing,sweet,and helpfull.it just depends on the day.i really want to help him so he can have the best life possible,any advise would be greatfull.
thank you jodilynn
My son has taken Foclin 10mg and 15mg i found that it works for about 8 hours out of the day so when he is at school everything is good. Once i would pick up my son he would be so wound up that it would be hard for him to sleep at night. I really have to say that I did not find anything bad about it. My son was taking it to help controll his adhd, and the doctor said that it would supress his appitiate. It was also to help him sleep. For the Abilify I am not sure about it sorry.